Questionnaire for Students

Who participated in the

1999 European School of High-Energy Physics, Casta-papiernicka, Slovakia
23 August - 4 September

Please fill in this form with your information and comments about the School, and send it by pushing the SEND button.

Please complete and send your form by 30 October at the latest. As you will see, it is anonymous.

I. Personal experience

1. Do you come from: one of the CERN/JINR Member states
a non-member state
2. What is your age? (years)  
3. For how many years have you been participating in research in high energy physics? (years)  
4. How many university courses in particle physics have you taken?  
5. Have you attended a similar School previously? yes
If so, which?
6. Are you involved in an experiment? yes


II. The Scientific programme

1. Did you find the choice of subject about right? yes

If no, wich subject(s) would you have eliminated/shortened?

Which subjects would you have lengthened?

2. Could you mention subjects which you would like to have seen covered but were not?

3. Other comments

III. Lecturers

1. Who was your discussion leader?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Very poor
How do you rank your discussion leader?

2. How do you rank the lecturers?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Very poor
D. Bardin
S. Bilenky
J.G. Bellido
F. Gianotti
P. Harrison
K. Safarik
J. Stirling
D. Wyler

IV. Additional comments

Any further remarks or suggestions you would like to make about the School: