Dubna Synchrotron Radiation Source
(DELSY project)

Workshop on Synchrotron Radiation

JINR, Dubna, Russia
November 1-3, 1999

First Circular

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research intends to construct the synchrotron radiation source on the base of the MEA-AmPS facility (NIKHEF, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) which will be dismounted at NIKHEF during 1999-2000 and transported to JINR.

The SR source for the electron energy of 1.2 GeV will consist of an injector, electron linac, storage ring and 20 channels for SR extraction.

The source will cover the SR spectrum from infrared range up to soft X-ray:

  • 0.1 eV - 3 keV from bending magnets;
  • high SR intensity from undulator in the energy range 150 eV - 2 keV;
  • high power radiation of soft X-rays with the energy 100 eV - 30 keV from superconducting wiggler.

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together Russian and international users, experts to stimulate a discussion of scientific and technical issues concerning synchrotron radiation. Emphasis will be placed on applications involving the synchrotron light, which will be supplied by Dubna synchrotron radiation source.

Programme Committee

JINR Organizing Committee

Mikhailin V.V. (Chairman) Moscow State University Kadyshevsky V.G. (Chairman)
Koval'tchuk M.V. Institute of Crystallography of Academy of Sciences,Moscow Meshkov I.N. (Vice-Chairman)
Aksenov V.L. JINR Tyutyunnikov S.I. (Scientific Secretary)
Russakovich N.A. JINR Sissakian A.N.
Krasavin E.A. JINR Vodopianov A.S.
Vodopianov A.S. JINR Katrasev V.V.
      Dokalenko N.M. (Secretary)

General questions,  programme

Prof. Igor Meshkov, LNP JINR,
141980 Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia
Phone: (+7 09621) 65193,    fax (+7 09621) 66883
e-mail: meshkov@nusun.jinr.ru


Dr. Alexandre Vodopianov, LHE JINR,
141980 Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia
Phone: (+7 09621) 65357,    fax (+7 09621) 65891,65891
e-mail: vodopian@sunhe.jinr.ru

Dr. Sergei Tyutyunnikov, LPP JINR,
141980 Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia
Phone: (+7 09621) 64173,    fax (+7 09621) 65767
e-mail: tsi@sunse.jinr.ru

Registration, accommodation, visas, etc.

Mrs.Natalia Dokalenko, Intern.Depart., JINR,
141980 Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia
Phone: (+7 09621) 65011,    fax (+7 09621) 65599; 65891
e-mail natasha@cv.jinr.ru


For arranging visas delegates are requested to advise the Organizing Committee

    e-mail: natasha@cv.jinr.ru
    fax: 7 09621 65891 or 7 09621 6 5599

of their and accompanying personsí full name, date of birth, passport number, passport validity, citizenship, arrival/departure dates, exact city of the Russian Consulate or Embassy applied for a visa , and itinerary inside Russia (please see the visa form).

This information goes to the Department of Consular Service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow accepted 1.5 month prior to the Conference and by the late July or early August each participant will be informed by the Organizing Committee of the PERMISSION NUMBER with which he/she should apply to the Russian Consulate or Embassy for his/her entry visa for Russia.

Note: participants of German and Japanese citizenship living and working in some other foreign country should fax their RESIDENCE PERMIT to the Organizing Committee otherwise their documents on visas will not be accepted by the Department of Consular Service.


Dubna is situated about 120 km from Moscow, on the bank of the greet Russian river Volga, between junction of Dubna river and one of artificial lakes of Volga.

The Organizing Committee will arrange transportation to Dubna and back for participants arriving at and departing from Moscow international airport - Sheremetyevo. Sheremetyevo is situated about 30 km from Moscow and 100 km from Dubna. Those wishing to be met at the airport should inform the Organizing Committee by either

fax (7 09621 65599 or 7 09621 65891 or 7 09621 65891) or
E-mail (natasha@cv.jinr.ru)

of their flight number, date and time. The information should come to the Organizing Committee not later than three working days before arrival (deadline) or earlier at participantsí convenience.

Other delegates can reach Dubna by train from Moscow railway station - Savelovskaya. Trains leave the station every two or three hours according to the time-table. Train tickets have to be bought in the booking-office inside the main building.


Participants will be lodged in the two hotels: in either the "Dubna" or "Grill" hotels. The "Dubna" hotel has newly-renovated guest rooms, including 40 single rooms and 17 suites equipped with shower or bath, telephone and TV. The "Dubna" hotel facilities include a small conference hall, restaurant, bar and a sauna. The daily rates including breakfast are as follows:

  • a suite - 70 USD
  • a single room - 37 USD
  • a one-bed room in a unit - 27 USD
  • a two-bedded room in a unit - 46USD ( may be used for single occupancy on request)

The "Grill" hotel offers suites and single rooms. Each room is equipped with shower, home appliances (telephone, TV and refrigerator) and cooking facilities. The daily rates including breakfast are as follows:

  • a suite - 75 USD
  • a single room - 42 USD

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