84th session of the JINR Scientific Council


	I. General considerations
	1. The Scientific Council takes note of the information presented  by
the  Director  of  JINR about  the  decisions taken by the JINR  Committee of
Plenipotentiaries (CP) at its March 1998 meeting, in particular:
	- of the approval of the concept and  plan   of  the  first  stage of 
reforms proposed  by the  JINR  Directorate  and   endorsed by the Scientific 
Council at its previous session;
	- of the  approval  of  the "JINR Scientific  Programme for the years
1998-2000" based on the recommendations of this  Council and the PACs;
	- of the appointment  of  the  Scientific   Council members for a new 
term of 5 years;
	- of the appointment of I. Meshkov as  Chief Engineer of JINR.
	2. The Scientific Council  appreciates the steps taken so far by  the 
JINR  Directorate  within  the  reform   programme  in  the  areas  of  basic 
facilities and infrastructure. It looks  forward to a staff  reduction  using 
all existing possibilities of alternative  job opportunities  and  of  social 
	The  Scientific  Council  reiterates   its  strong  support  of  this 
important  initiative  and  looks  forward   to  being  informed  at its next 
sessions  about  the  progress  of these  reforms and about the Directorate's 
proposal in  the  field  of  scientific  research in view of the deep reforms 
under way.
	The Scientific Council also  reiterates its  earlier  recommendations 
to the  JINR  Directorate  about  a   comprehensive  review  of  the  present
Laboratory structure to determine  whether it adequately meets the needs  and 
goals of the JINR scientific programme.
	3. The  Scientific   Council  stresses the primary importance of JINR 
as the place where common  scientific work is to be done by  scientists  from 
the Member States in collaboration  with scientists  working  permanently  at 
JINR. It  recommends  that the JINR  Directorate balance this very  important  
point with interests asking for JINR's  participation  in  research  projects  
outside the Institute area.
	4. The  Scientific Council  wishes again to express its  concern that 
the high intellectual and technological  potential  of JINR is not matched by
adequate financial resources in the real  JINR budget. The  Council therefore 
urges the JINR Member States to make  available their  nominal  contributions 
in due  time , in  order  to  allow   for  successful  implementation  of the 
scientific programme and of  the  reforms  aimed  at  preserving  JINR  as an 
attractive international  research centre.
	In view  of the  extremely difficult financial situation at JINR, the
Scientific Council addresses  a letter (Appendix 1)  to the  President of the 
Russian Federation  B. Yeltsin.
	The Scientific  Council  recommends that the JINR Directorate address
similar letters to the  governmental authorities of those Member States which 
have debts to JINR.

	II. Recommendations concerning JINR basic facilities
	1. The   Scientific  Council takes  note of  the  report  "Status and 
future development of   the JINR  basic facilities" presented by the new JINR
Chief  Engineer.  His   report  demonstrates   significant  progress  in  the 
management of the facilities.
	The  Scientific   Council  supports  the   decision   of   the   JINR 
Directorate,approved by  the CP, concerning the centralized management of the 
JINR facilities: the  Nuclotron, U400 - U400M cyclotrons, IBR-2  reactor, and 
the IREN construction  project. The Scientific Council highly appreciates the
efforts  taken  by   the  Directorate  in  the current difficult situation to 
ensure a guaranteed  scheduled operation  of the  JINR  basic  facilities. It
takes  note , with   satisfaction , of  the  close correspondence between the 
actual and planned  running time achieved for the majority of  the facilities 
during the first 5  months of  1998,  and  wishes  that  the  annual facility 
operation schedule  be successfully realized.
	2. The   Scientific  Council takes  note of the  review of  the  IREN 
project requested at  the previous session.It is of central importance to the 
future of  JINR .  Therefore, a  realistic  schedule, an  adequate  financial 
support, and a  timely implementation are needed.
	The   Scientific  Council  welcomes  the  decision  taken by the JINR
Directorate to  allocate in 1998 a special-purpose grant for  construction of 
IREN's vital  systems. It recommends  that  further  efforts be  made  by the 
Directorate to  find the  funds  needed for  rapid  completion of  this major 
	3. The  Scientific Council reiterates its  standing  recommendations 
about the priority  development of the JINR basic facilities, namely:
	- construction of the Nuclotron slow beam extraction system;
	- modernization  of  the IBR - 2 reactor, with a view to securing the
long-term future of this facility;
	- upgrading of the  cyclotron  complex  at  the  Flerov Laboratory of
Nuclear Reactions in line  with forthcoming PAC-recommendations.

	III. International cooperation
	1. The   Scientific   Council takes note of the information about the
activities  of the Latin-American  Centre for Physics (Centro Latinoamericano 
de Fisica , CLAF)  presented  by  Professor L. Masperi, Director of CLAF, and 
endorses the intention of the  JINR Directorate to conclude an agreement with 
this  international   intergovernmental  organization. The Scientific Council 
cautions, however , that concrete further steps should be  commensurate  with 
JINR's budget provisions. 
	2. Given   the  difficult  overall  budget  situation  of  JINR , the 
Scientific  Council ,   while   appreciating   the  importance  of  intensive 
scientific exchange for  the quality and competitiveness of JINR's  research, 
nevertheless  feels that   the  expenditure  on  foreign   travel  should  be   
reviewed  by the Directorate, with a view to perhaps further optimize the use 
of JINR's scarce resources.

	IV. JINR Educational Programme and recruitment of young staff
	1. The   Scientific  Council takes note of the impressive progress in 
the field of education achieved at the University Centre since its  
establishment in 1991, in particular, the increasing  number of the  subjects  
offered  for training graduate and post-graduate students. 
	The Scientific  Council  recommends  that this  activity, aimed  at a 
higher inflow of young scientists to JINR, be continued as a vital  strategic 
objective of JINR.
	2. The Scientific Council learned with  interest about  the situation 
at JINR  with  the  staffing  of  young  scientists . The  Council  considers  
recruiting first-rate scientific staff, in particular younger scientists from 
the Member States,to  be an  extremely  important responsibility  of the JINR  
Directorate and  its  investment  for  the  future, and  recommends  stronger  
efforts to be taken in this area.
	The Scientific  Council  invites the Directorate to include highlight
scientific  reports  by JINR  young  researchers  in the agenda of its future

         V. Recommendations in connection with the PACs
	1. The  Scientific  Council  takes  note  of  and  concurs, after due
discussion, with the recommendations made by the PACs  at  their  April  1998 
meetings and presented by their Chairmen.
	2. The Scientific Council agrees with the Directorate's  proposal 
that the PACs review during the remainder of the year the priority assignment
of the experimental programme in the light of the forthcoming  reforms.
	3. Based  on  the  proposal of the JINR  Directorate , the Scientific
Council approves the revised text of the "Regulation for the  JINR  Programme 
Advisory Committees" (Appendix 2) which envisages regular rotation of the PAC 
members with a view to ensuring both change and continuity  in the membership 
of the PACs. 

	VI. Recommendations concerning JINR's longer-range plans
	1. The  Scientific  Council   was   presented  with  further  reports 
concerning longer-range plans of JINR activities.
	The Scientific  Council  notes  that  JINR  has  good  prospects  for 
development  of  condensed  matter  research  with  neutron  and  synchrotron
radiation sources, and recommends that the  directorates  of  JINR  and  FLNP
speed up the modernization  of  the  IBR - 2  reactor and extend the research
programme using the beams of the  Siberia-2  synchrotron radiation  source at 
the Russian Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute".
	2. The Scientific Council wishes  that  the  presentation  of longer-
range plans be continued at the next sessions.

	VII.Recommendation concerning JINR's High-Performance Computer Centre
	The Scientific Council congratulates the  directorates  of  JINR  and 
LCTA on the successful  work  accomplished  since  its  previous  session  to
establish a  high - performance  computer  centre  for providing a full-scale
network and informatics support of the research under  way  at  the Institute 
and for promoting a more efficient cooperation  with  member-state  and  non-
member-state institutions.
	The  Scientific   Council  got  acquainted  with  interest  with  the 
operation of this Centre, and thanks the organizers of the presentation.
	The  Scientific  Council  reiterates its recommendation about further
development of the JINR network, information and computing infrastructure  as 
an important priority task.

	VIII. Recommendation concerning radiobiological studies
	The  Scientific  Council  takes  note  of the report presented on the
radiobiological  studies   with  radionuclides  and  their  use  in  clinical 
medicine , purposed  for  diagnostics and  treatment  of  various  diseases ,
including  cancer .  The  Council  notes the significant social importance of
these  studies  and  recommends  that  this  area of research at JINR get its
further development.

	IX. Nominations
	1. The  Scientific  Council   elected  by  ballot  N . Russakovich as 
Director of the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems for a term of 5 years.
	2. The Scientific Council recommends the  following  vacancies 
at directorate level of JINR Laboratories:
	- Deputy  Directors  of   the  Bogoliubov  Laboratory  of Theoretical 
	The  election to these positions shall be held at the 85th session of
the Scientific Council in January 1999.
	- Director of the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics (FLNP). 
	The election to this position shall be held at the  86th  session  of 
the Scientific Council in June 1999.
	3. According to the  regulation  in  force , the  Scientific  Council 
announces the following vacancies at directorate level of JINR Laboratories:
	- Director and 2 Deputy  Directors  of the  Laboratory  of  Computing
Techniques and Automation (LCTA) 
	The election of the LCTA Director shall be held at  the 86th  session 
of the Scientific Council, and the election of the Deputy  Directors  at  the
87th session in January 2000.
	- 2 Deputy Directors of the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics
	The election of the  FLNP  Deputy Directors shall be held at the 87th
session of the Scientific Council.
	4. Upon  proposal  by  the JINR Directorate and on recommendations of 
the PAC  members , the  Scientific Council re-appoints the following Chairmen
of the PACs for a term of one year: 
	H. Lauter		- PAC for Condensed Matter Physics,
	P. Spillantini	- PAC for Particle Physics, 
and appoints C. Briancon as Chairperson of the PAC for Nuclear Physics  for a 
term of one year. 
	5. The Scientific  Council thanks Professor G.J. Deutsch for his most
valuable work as Chairman of the PAC for Nuclear Physics. 

	X. Next session of the Scientific Council
	The 85th session of the Scientific Council will be  held  on  14 - 15 
January 1999.

	     		               V. Kadyshevsky
          	    		       Chairman of the JINR Scientific Council

©  Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Dubna, 1998