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Status: Approved for completion
in 2011

Study of e + e - Interactions: Physics and Detectors

Leader:     A.G. Olshevskiy

Participating Countries, Institutes and International organizations:
Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, CERN, China, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Germany, Japan, Italy, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA.

Scientific Programme:
Study of e + e - interactions from very low energies up to very high has always been considered as an important precision tool, complementary to hadron machines. The project to build the International Linear Collider (ILC) is considered by the high-energy physics community as the next step in accelerator-based particle physics. Development of the physics program and detector design and prototyping is a necessary step to prepare participation in this worldwide activity.

Expected main results in 2011:
Проекты по теме:
  Название проекта Руководитель проекта Приоритет проекта
(сроки реализации)
1. SANC D.Yu. Bardin 1   (2003-2012)
2. BES-III A.S. Zhemchugov 1   (2007-2013)

List of Activities
  Activity or Experiment Leader
      Laboratory       Responsible
Leading Researchers
and number of participants
  ILC A.G. Olshevskiy
  DLNP V.N. Duginov + 4 pers.
E.M. Syresin
N.B. Skachkov + 1 pers.
G.A. Chelkov
Z.V. Krumshteyn + 2 pers.
  BLTP A.V. Efremov S.B. Gerasimov
A.B. Arbuzov
D.I. Kazakov
E.A. Kuraev
G.A. Kozlov
O.V. Teryaev + 1 pers.
  VBLPHE I.A. Tyapkin I.A. Tyapkin + 3 pers.
Z. Sadygov + 3 pers.
  SCAR V.N. Samoilov V.N. Samoilov + 3 pers.
  SANC D.Yu. Bardin
  DLNP L.V. Kalinovskaya + 3 pers.
P. Christova + 2 pers.
  BES-III A.S. Zhemchugov
  DLNP I.R. Boyko + 2 pers.
D.V. Dedovich
Yu. A. Nefedov + 1 pers.
  BLTP E.A. Kuraev + 1 pers.
O.V. Teryaev + 1 pers.

Country or international
City Institute or Laboratory
Armenia Yerevan YerPhI
Belarus Minsk NC PHEP BSU
Bulgaria Sofia INRNE BAS
Shumen US
CERN Geneva
China Beijing IHEP CAS
Czech Republic Prague CU
France Paris UPMC
College de France
Strasbourg IPHC
Germany Hamburg DESY
Munich MPI-P
Zeuthen DESY
Japan Tsukuba KEK
Italy Turin Univ.
Poland Krakow JU
Russia Moscow ITEP
Novosibirsk BINP SB RAS
Gatchina PNPI RAS
Troitsk INR RAS
Switzerland Villigen PSI
Bern Uni Bern
Ukraine Kharkov ISC NASU
United Kingdom Oxford Univ.
USA Gainesville, FL UF

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