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Status: Extended

Investigation of Systems for Identification of Complex Chemical Substances by Nuclear Physics Methods

Leaders:     V.M. Bystritsky
M.G. Sapozhnikov

Participating Countries, Institutes and International organizations:

Scientific Programme:
The main goal is to develop methods for identification of complex chemical substances by registration of the gamma-quanta spectra induced by fast neutrons irradiation. The neutrons are produced in the reaction d+t +n. The gamma-quanta are registered in coincidence with particles. For each event the coordinates and the arrival time of particles in the alpha-detector are measured as well as amplitudes and arrival time of gamma in the gamma-detectors. This information allows to find the 3D position of the object inside the interrogated volume. Investigations of different detectors for and gamma registration will be performed. The data acquisition and data analysis systems will be manufactured. Simulation of the neutrons and gamma-quanta interactions in the interrogated volume will be done to optimize the detector. The prototypes of the detector to identify hidden substances will be constructed.

Expected main results in 2011:
List of Activities
  Activity or Experiment Leader
      Laboratory       Responsible
Leading Researchers
and number of participants
1. Production of -detector N.I. Zamyatin
  VBLHEP N.I. Zamyatin + 4 pers.
2. Production of gamma-detector V.M. Bystritsky
  DLNP V.M. Bystritsky + 3 pers.
3. Development of the DAQ V.M. Slepnev
  VBLHEP V.M. Slepnev + 4 pers.
4. Data analysis M.G. Sapozhnikov
  VBLHEP M.G. Sapozhnikov + 3 pers.
  BLTP V.G. Kadyshevsky

Country or international
City Institute or Laboratory
Russia Moscow VNIIA

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