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Status: In-progress

Study of Rare Charged Kaon Decays in Experiments
at the CERN SPS

Leader:     V.D. Kekelidze
Deputy:     Yu.K. Potrebenikov

Participating Countries, Institutes and International organizations:
Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, CERN, Germany, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA.

Scientific Programme:
Realization of the NA62 Project allows to clarify CH-violation problem, to measure precisely ultra rare charged kaon decay to charged pion and two neutrinos, to carried out a search for supersymmetric particles and their partners with a goal to observe a physics beyond the Standard Model. In addition precise characteristics of rate kaon and hyperon decays will be measured. A high resolution magnetic spectrometer on a base of straw drift tubes working in vacuum will be designed and constructed on a stage of preparation of the experiment. Software for simulation, data processing and analysis will be developed.

Expected main results in 2011:
List of projects:
  Project Leader Priority
(period of realisation)
1. NA62 V.D. Kekelidze1   (2010-2012)

List of Activities
  Activity or Experiment Leader
      Laboratory       Responsible
Leading Researchers
and number of participants
1. NA62, SPS CERN V.D. Kekelidze
Construction of detector
  VBLHEP Yu.K. Potrebenikov + 9 pers.
S.A. Movchan + 5 pers.
  DLNP N.A. Kuchinsky + 2 pers.

Country or international
City Institute or Laboratory
Belarus Minsk NC PHEP BSU
Belgium Louvain-la-Neuve UCL
Bulgaria Sofia SU
Plovdiv PU
CERN Geneva
Canada Vancouver TRIUMF
Germany Mainz JGU
Italy Florence INFN
Ferrara INFN
Frascati INFN LNF
Perugia INFN
Univ. "Tor Vergata"
Turin INFN
Mexico San Luis Potosi UASLP
Romania Bucharest IFIN-HH
Russia Protvino IHEP
Troitsk INR RAS
Switzerland Bern Uni Bern
United Kingdom Birmingham Univ.
Edinburgh Univ.
USA Chicago, IL UChicago
Fairfax, VA GMU
Menlo Park, CA SLAC
Merced, CA UC Merced
Evanston, IL NU

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