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Status: In-progress

Study of Rare Charged Kaon Decays and Search for Dark Sector
in Experiments at the CERN SPS

Leaders:     V.D. Kekelidze
Yu.K. Potrebenikov
Deputy:     D.V. Peshekhonov

Participating Countries and International Organizations:
Belgium, Bulgaria, CERN, Chile, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA.
Scientific Programme:
Realization of the NA62 Project allows to clarify CP-violation problem, to measure precisely very rare charged kaon decay to charged pions and two neutrinos, to carried out a search for supersymmetric particles and their partners with a goal to observe a physics beyond the Standard Model. In addition, characteristics of rare kaon and hyperon decays will be improved. A high resolution straw-detectors of the NA62 magnetic spectrometer working in vacuum will be supported during experimental runs. Software for simulation, data processing and analysis will be developed. The Na64 experiment is a fixed-target esperiment at the CERN SPS combining the active beam dump and missing energy techniques to search for rare events. The experiment will build and operate a fully germetic detector with the primary goal to search for light dark bozons (Z') from dark sector that are coupled to photons, e.g. dark photons (A'), or sub-GeV Z' coupled only to quarks. In some cases the Z' is coupled only to µ or , so we call the Z' the dark leptonic gauge boson. The experiment is also capable to search KL isible decay, which is complementary to K+ \pi^

Expected main results in 2018:
  • Data taking by the NA62 set-up and data analysis will be carried out.

  • Software for the simulation of magnetic spectrometer and full set-up will be developed; system for detector calibration and event reconstruction will be upgraded; common software of the experiment will be developed.

  • Calibration, testing a nd support of the NA62 straw detectors will be carried out.

  • Tracking detectors for NA64 experiment based on the straw tube technology will be developed and manufactured.

  • Data taking by the NA64 set-up and data analysis will be carried out.

List of projects:
  Project Leader Priority
(period of realisation)
1. NA62 V.D. Kekelidze
Yu.K. Potrebenikov
1   (2010-2018)
2. NA64 V.A. Matveev
D.V. Peshekhonov
1   (2017-2019)

List of Activities
  Activity or Experiment Leaders
  Laboratory or other
Division of JINR
Responsible person
Main researchers
1. Experiment NA62 V.D. Kekelidze
Yu.K. Potrebenikov
Data taking
Data analysis
  VBLHEP D.T. Madigozhin, S. Gevorgyan, N.A. Molokanova, L.N. Glonti, I.A. Polenkevich, S.N. Shkarovsky, M.H. Misheva, E.A. Gudzovsky, V.P. Falaleev, A.A. Belkova, V.N. Gorbunova, L.A. Slepets, S.A. Movchan, T.L. Enik, D. Baygarashev, A.M. Korotkova
2. Experiment NA64 V.A. Matveev
D.V. Pashekhonov
Data taking
Data analysis
  VBLHEP I.V. Boguslavsky, E.V. Vasilieva, I.A. Zhukov, A.V. Zinin, G.D. Kekelidze, V.M. Lysan, S.S. Parzhitsky, V.V. Pavlov, L.N. Tarasova, A.A. Festchenko, V.A. Kramarenko, P.V. Volkov, T.L. Enik

Country or International
City Institute or Laboratory
Belgium Louvain-la-Neuve UCL
Bulgaria Sofia SU
Blagoevgrad SWU
Plovdiv PU
Chile Valparaiso UTFSM
Czech Republic Prague CU
Germany Mainz JGU
Bonn UniBonn
Italy Florence INFN
Ferrara INFN
Frascati INFN LNF
Naples INFN
Perugia INFN
Padua INFN
Univ. "Tor Vergata"
Turin INFN
Mexico San Luis Potosi UASLP
Romania Bucharest IFIN-HH
Russia Moscow, Troitsk INR RAS
Moscow LPI RAS
Protvino IHEP
Tomsk TPU
Slovakia Bratislava CU
Switzerland Zurich ETH
United Kingdom Birmingham Univ.
Bristol Univ.
Glasgow US
Liverpool Univ.
USA Boston, MA BU
Fairfax, VA GMU
Menlo Park, CA SLAC
Merced, CA UCMerced
Upton, NY BNL

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