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Status: In-progress

Development and Construction of the Prototype of a Complex for Radiotherapy and Applied Research with Heavy-Ion Beams at the Nuclotron-M

Leader:     S.I. Tyutyunnikov

Participating Countries and International Organizations:
Armenia, Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine.

Scientific Programme:
Investigation of various subcritical setups and using them for energy prodution and radioactive waste transmutation, research of radiation hardness of materials. The quasi-infinite target (Project E&T&RM)
    Expected main results:

  • Receiving data about the multiplicities and special istribution of energy-time neutron spectra. Research on massive targets of natural (depleted) uranium and thorium energy production capabilities and processing of radioactive waste, the study of radiation hardness of superconductors by the beams of neutrons and protons.

    Expected main results in 2018:

  • Installation of a big uranium target on Phazotron in DLNP, beam adjustment on the target.

  • Thermocouple device installation and callibration at the massive uranium target "BURAN".

  • Pilot operation of the nutron spectrometer on recoil protons on the "BURAN" under irradiation with protons at Phazotron.

  • Investigation of neutron leakage from the surface of the massive uranium target by activation method.

  • Investigation of impact of high-power laser radiation on the radioactive decay of minor actinides.

  • The investigation of radiation detects in high-temperature superconductors under the irradiation with protons with energy E = 660 MeV.

List of projects:
  Project Leader Priority
(period of realisation)
1. Project E&T&RM
Study of deeply subcritical electronuclear
systems and possibilities of their
application for energy production,
transmutation of radioactive waste and
research in the field of radiation material
science. Part III. Quqsi infinite target.
S.I. Tyutyunnikov 1   (2018-2019)
List of Activities
  Activity or Experiment Leaders
  Laboratory or other
Division of JINR
Responsible person
Main researchers
1. Development of technical
specifications for a quasi
infinite uranium target,
setting in the DLNP
to Phazotron
S.I. Tyutyunnikov
A.A. Solnyshkin
  VBLHEP O.G. Tarasov, I.P. Yudin
  DLNP I. Adam
2. Development of the technical
specifications for the detector
system of setup "big uranium
target" on the basis of the
temperature sensor and
silicon photomultipliers
S.I. Tyutyunnikov
A.A. Solnyshkin
A.V. Vishnevsky
Z. Sadygov
  VBLHEP A.I. Berlev, A.A. Baldin, I.P. Yudin
  DLNP I. Adam
3. Design, manufacture of detectors
for the measurement of ion energy
in the range of Ee=0.1 Gev/nucleon
on the Nuclotron-M beams
N.I. Zamyatin
  VBLHEP O.G. Tarasov, S.V. Khabarov, A.I. Shafranovskaya, Yu.S. Kovalev
4. Upgrade of spectrum-analitical
complex for activation
V.N. Shalyapin
I.P. Yudin
  VBLHEP M. Paraipan, E.V. Strekalovskaya, I.A. Kryachko
  DLNP V.I. Stegaylov
5. The study of neutron fields of big
uranium target at the Phazotron
under the irradiation of proton
Ep=0.66 GeV
S.I. Tyutyunnikov
A.A. Solnyshkin
G.I. Smirnov
Data taking
  VBLHEP A.I. Berlev, A.A. Baldin, I.P. Yudin, A.V. Vishnesky, T.L. Enik
  DLNP I. Adam, V.I. Stegaylov
  FLNR E.M. Kozulin
6. The study of influence of
high-power coherent radiation at
radioactive decay aktinid Am 241
S.N. Sedykh
Data taking
  VBLHEP A.K. Kaminsky, I.A. Kryachko
7. Production of the monitoring
elements for the superconducting
Yu.P. Filippov
  VBLHEP I.D. Kakorin

Country or International
City Institute or Laboratory
Armenia Yerevan YSU
Australia Sydney Univ.
Belarus Minsk INP BSU
Bulgaria Sofia INRNE BAS
Czech Republic Rez UJV
Brno BUT
Prague CTU
Moldova Chisinau IAP ASM
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar IPT MAS
Poland Warsaw WUT
Otwock-Swierk NCBJ
Russia Dubna BSINP MSU
IAS "Omega"
St. Petersburg KRI
Tomsk TPU
Romania Bucharest ISS
Slovakia Bratislava SOSMT
Ukraine Kharkov NSC KIPT

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