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Status: In-progress

JINR's Participation at the BES-III Physics Research Program

Leader:     A.S. Zhemchugov

Participating Countries and International Organizations:
China, Russia.
Scientific Programme:
The BES-III experiment at the electron-positron collider BEPC (IHEP CAS, Beijing, China) is aimed at systematic and precise measurements in -charm domain. The main goals of the experiment include light hadron spectroscopy, study of charmonium spectrum and transitions, study of open charm particles like D and Ds mesons, -lepton physics and search for new exotic XYZ states. Data taking started in 2009. The world largest sample of J/, (3686), (3770), (4040) is already collected. Scan in the energy range 2.0-4.6 GeV is performed for R-ratio measurement. Unique sample in the energy range 4.2-4.6 GeV is collected to search for new XYZ states.

Expected main results in 2018:
  • BES-III data analysis.

  • Development of offline software and analysis tools

  • Development of the distributed computing system (integration of cloud resource).

  • Development of high-performance PWA software using HybriLIT cluster.

List of projects:
  Project Leader Priority
(period of realisation)
1 BES-III A.S. Zhemchugov 1   (2007-2019)

List of Activities
  Activity or Experiment Leaders
  Laboratory or other
Division of JINR
Responsible person
Main researchers
1. BES-III Project A.S. Zhemchugov
  DLNP I.R. Boyko, A.V. Guskov, D.V. Dedovich, Yu.A. Nefedov, G.A. Shelkov, I.I. Denisenko, O.V. Bakina, E. Tskhadadze, V.A. Tokareva
  BLTP V.V. Bytev, O.V. Teryaev
  LIT V.V. Korenkov, A.V. Uzhinsky, S.D. Belov, I.S. Pelevanyuk, V.V. Trofimov, O.I. Streltsova, D.V. Podgainy

Country or International
City Institute or Laboratory
China Beijing IHEP CAS
Russia Gatchina NRC KI PNPI
Novosibirsk BINP SB RAS

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