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Status: Extended

NICA Complex: Design and Construction of the Complex
of Accelerators, Collider and Physics Experimental Facilities
at Extracted and Colliding Ion Beams Aimed at Studying Dense
Baryonic Matter and the Spin Structure of Nucleons and Light Ions,
and at Carrying out Applied and Innovation Projects

Leaders:     V.D. Kekelidze
A.S. Sorin
Deputies:     A.D. Kovalenko
I.N. Meshkov
Yu.K. Potrebenikov

Participating countries and international organizations:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, CERN, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy, Israel, Kazakhstan, Japan, Mexico, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden, Ukraine, USA.

Issues addressed and main goals of research:
Search and investigation of phase transitions in strongly interacting nuclear matter at extremely high baryon densities, study of the nucleon spin structure, of light nuclei and polarization phenomena in few nucleon systems. Development of theoretical models of the studied processes and theoretical support of the experiments. Development of the Nuclotron accelerator complex as a basic facility for studying relativistic nuclear collisions in the range of atomic masses A = 1-197. Investigation of reaction dynamics and studing modifications of hadron properties in nuclear matter, near-threshold strange hyperons production and search for hyper nuclei in interactions of the Nuclotron extracted ion beams with fixed targets at the BM@N detector. Investigation of the nuclear structure at short internucleon distances at the BM@N detector. Development and stage-by-stage creation of the NICA heavy ion collider accelerator complex, the multi-purpose detector (MPD/NICA) and spin physics detector (SPD/NICA) for experiments with colliding heavy ions beams. Modernization of extraction beam lines. Carrying out of experiments with ion beams and polarized proton and deuteron beams at the Nuclotron.

Expected results in the current year:
  • Development and expansion of the physical programme of the project - "White Paper" of the NICA project. Obtaining new theoretical results for processes of strong interactions in the non-perturbative QCD region, development and tests of models for nuclear matter properties descriptions at extremely high temperatures and densities, investigation of possible nuclear matter states and nuclear collision dynamics at extreme baryonic densities as well as observation of these phenomena in p-odd effects and spin asymmetries.

  • Completion of the planned tasks within the Nuclotron-NICA project: Construction on the standard KRION-N heavy ion source. Development of beam diagnostics systems. Increasing the intensity of the beam from the SPI polarized particle source at the test bench. UsingNuclotron beams for solving first-priority tasks on the accelerator development and of the NICA physics program implementation within in available running time. Designing the SC resonator prototype for the proton linear accelerator. Works on the designing proton and light ion linear accelerator LILAC.

  • Commissioning of the HILAC linear accelerator (z/A 0.14), achieving its design parameters. Development and put into operation of new test beds, upgrade of the engineering infrastructure. Assembling and testing the equipment for the beam injector channel from HILAC to the Booster. Testing the magnet cryostat system of the Booster.

  • Production, assembling and testing the elements of systems of beam extraction and transporting from the Booster to the Nuclotron in working operation conditions.

  • Updating the general layout of the NICA complex infrastructure. Approvement of the detailed design for the arrangement of NICA elements and systems. Continuation of construcrion works.

  • Analysis of the BM@N experimental data on interaction of ion beams with fixed targets. Preparation of a technical design project for measurements with additional detectors and improved radiation protection. Analysis of the data from the SRC experiment. Realization of the decisions approved by the BM@N Collaboration board.

  • Implementation of the stages of the technical design project of the MPD solenoid. Completion of works within the technical projects of the MPD subsystems. Start of mass-production of detectors.

  • Presentation of the SPD project to the PAC for Particle Physics. Continuation of theoretical studies of the Matveev-Muradyan-Tavkhelidze-Drell-Yan processes, J/ production processes and other processes in polarized proton and deuteron collisions.

  • Implementation of start elements of the NICA/MPD/BM@N/SPD computer infrastructure in accodance with the work plan.

List of projects:
  Project Leader Priority
(period of realisation)
1. Nuclotron-NICA A.V. Butenko
Scientific leader
I.N. Meshkov
1   (2011-2020)
2. BM@N M.N. Kapishin
1   (2012-2021)
Subproject SRC: "Probing
M.N. Kapishin
E. Piasetzky
O. Hen
T. Aumann
1   (2018-2021)
3. MPD V.M. Golovatyuk
V.D. Kekelidze
A.S. Sorin
1   (2011-2020)
4. Conceptual and technical design
of the SPD at the NICA collider
A.V. Guskov
V.P. Ladygin
1   (2020-2021)

List of Activities
  Activity or Experiment Leaders
      Laboratory or other
    Division of JINR
Responsible person
Main researchers
1.1. NICA injection complex:
technical design preparation
and construction of the NICA
injection complex: (sources of
heavy ions and polarized light
nuclei, HILAC linear accelera-
tors of heavy ions and light
nuclei of beam transporting
to the Nuclotron)
A.V. Butenko
A.I. Govorov
V.V. Kobets
A.D. Kovalenko
V.A. Monchinsky
1.1.a. Commissioning of the heavy ion
source (KRION-6T)
E.D. Donets
E.E. Donets
1.1.b. Upgrade the polarized proton
and deuteron source (SPI)
1.1.c. Development and construc-
tion of the beam injection
systems and beam transpo-
rtation channels. Develop-
ment of the beam control
and diagnostics systems
A.V. Tuzikov
V.I. Volkov
1.1.d. Design and start of
construction the
new proton and light
ion injector LILAC
A.V. Butenko
A.I. Govorov
K.A. Levterov
B.V. Golovensky
E.M. Syresin
  VBLHEP M.Yu. Averyanov, V.S. Alexandrov, A.V. Alfeev, V.P. Akimov, V.A. Andreev, A.M. Bazanov, A.V. Butenko, E.E. Donets, E.D. Donets, D.E. Donets, A.A. Fateev, V.V. Fimushkin, N.I. Garanzha, A.I. Govorov, B.V. Golovensky, E.V. Gorbachev, A.D. Kovalenko, V.V. Kobets, V.N. Karpinsky, V.V. Kovalev, O.S. Kozlov, S.Yu. Kolesnikov, V.V. Kosukhin, A.G. Kocherov, A.E. Kirichenko, L.V. Kutuzov, N.I. Lebedev, K.A. Levterov, D.A. Lyuosev, A.A. Martynov, S.V. Mikhaylov, V.A. Monchinsky, V.V. Myalkovsky, A.V. Nestrov, R.V. Pivin, D.O. Ponkin, Yu.V. Prokof'ichev, A.Yu. Ramzdorf, D.N. Rassadov, A.S. Romanov, S.V. Romanov, G.S. Sedykh, S.N. Sedykh, V.V. Seleznev, A.I. Sidorov, A.O. Sidorin, E.M. Syresin, V.S. Shvetsov, K.V. Shevtchenko, I.V. Shirikov, V.B. Shutov, V.V. Tarasov, N.D. Topilin, A.V. Tuzikov, Yu.A. Tumanova, V.P. Vadeev, V.I. Volkov, A.A. Voronin
  GA&C G.V. Trubnikov
1.2. Assembling and start-up
of the NICA Booster and its
technological systems
A.V. Butenko
H.G. Khodzhibagiyan
I.N. Meshkov
E.M. Syresin
A.O. Sidorin
1.2.a. Magnet cryostat system,
vacuum system, system
of electron cooling
A.R. Galimov
1.2.b. Power supply and energy
evacuation system
E.V. Ivanov
V.N. Karpinsky
1.2.c. RF accelerating system
of the Booster
O.I Brovko
1.2.d. Diagnostics, injection, beam
extraction and transport
A.V. Tuzikov
V.I. Volkov
  VBLHEP N.N. Agapov, A.S. Averichev, M.Yu. Averiyanov, V.A. Andreev, R.V. Andryukhin, A.V. Alfeev, A.M. Bazanov, V.I. Batin, Yu.T. Borzunov, A.V. Butenko, V.P. Chernyaev, D.E. Donets, V.M. Drobin, A.A. Fateev, A.R. Galimov, E.V. Gorbachev, A.Yu. Grebentsov, E.V. Ivanov, V.A. Isadov, V.N. Karpinsky, I.I. Kalagin, A.E. Kirichenko, H.G. Khodzhibagiyan, O.S. Kozlov, V.V. Kovalev, S.Yu. Kolesnikov, N.G. Kondratiev, A.V. Konstantinov, A.V. Kopchenov, S.A. Kostromin, A.G. Kochurov, A.V. Kudashkin, G.L. Kuznetsov, E.A. Kulikov, O.A. Kunchenko, N.I. Lebedev, S.V. Mikhaylov, V.A. Mikhaylov, V.V. Myalkovsky, A.V. Nesterov, A.L. Osipenkov, R.V. Pivin, N.V. Pilyar, O.V. Prozorov, S.V. Romanov, P.A. Rukoyatkin, T.V. Rukoyatkina, N.V. Semin, G.S. Sedykh, V.V. Seleznev, A.S. Sergeev, A.O. Sidorin, Shabunov, A.A. Shurygin, E.M. Syresin, V.V. Tarasov, N.D. Topilin, A.V. Tuzikov, Yu.A. Tumanova, B.V. Vasilishin, V.I. Volkov, L.V. Zinoviev
  DLNP E.V. Akhmanova, V.I. Hilinov, A.G. Kobets, I.N. Meshkov, O.S. Orlov, A.Yu. Rudakov, N.A. Rybakov, L.V. Soboleva, T.A. Stepanova, A.A. Sidorin, S.L. Yakovenko
  GA&C G.V. Trubnikov
1.3. Development of the Nuclotron A.V. Butenko
A.O. Sidorin
E.M. Syresin
1.3.a. Magnet cryostst system,
vacuum system
H.G. Khodzhibagiyan
1.3.b. Power supply and energy
evacuation system
E.V. Ivanov
V.N. Karpinsky
1.3.c. RF accelerating system
of the Nuclotron
O.I. Brovko
1.3.d. Diagnostics, injection, beam
extraction and transportation
E.V. Gorbachev
  VBLHEP A.S. Averichev, M.Yu. Averiyanov, V.A. Andreev, R.V. Andryukhin, A.V. Alfeev, A.M. Bazanov, V.V. Batin, V.V. Borisov, O.I. Brovko, A.V. Butenko, V.P. Chernyaev, D.E. Donets, E.V. Gorbachev, A.Yu. Grebentsov, E.V. Ivanov, V.A. Isadov, V.N. Karpinsky, A.E. Kirichenko, H.G. Khodzhibagiyan, O.S. Kozlov, V.V. Kovalev, A.D. Kovalenko, S.Yu. Kolesnikov, N.G. Kondratiev, A.V. Konstantinov, A.V. Kopchenov, S.A. Kostromin, A.G. Kochurov, A.V. Kudashkin, G.L. Kuznetsov, E.A. Kulikov, O.A. Kunchenko, N.I. Lebedev, S.V. Mikhaylov, V.A. Mikhaylov, A.V. Merkuriev, V.V. Myalkovsky, A.V. Nesterov, A.L. Osipenkov, R.V. Pivin, O.V. Prozorov, S.V. Romanov, P.A. Rukoyatkin, N.V. Semin, G.S. Sedykh, V.V. Seleznev, A.S. Sergeev, A.O. Sidorin, A.V. Smirnov, A.A. Shurygin, E.M. Syresin, V.V. Tarasov, A.V. Tuzikov, V.B Vasilishin, V.I. Volkov
  GA&C G.V. Trubnikov
1.4. Technical design, R&D of
technological systems and con-
struction of the NICA heavy
ion collider with an energy of
ECM= 4-11 GeV and an average
luminosity of 1· 10 27 -2 -1
and light polarized nuclie with a
luminosity of 1·10 32 -2 -1
(by protons, at ECM=27 GeV)
A.D. Kovalenko
S.A. Kostromin
I.N. Meshkov
E.M. Syresin
1.4.a. Magnet cryostat and vacuum
A.R. Galimov
H.G. Khodzhibagiyan
1.4.b. Power supply and energy
evacuation system
E.V. Ivanov
V.N. Karpinsky
1.4.c. RF system of the Collider O.I. Brovko
A.Yu. Grebentsov
1.4.d. Beam diagnostics, injection
and transportation systems
A.V. Tuzikov
V.I. Volkov
1.4.e. Beam cooling systems A.O. Sidorin
1.4.f. Systems of proton
and deuteron polarization
monitoring and control
A.D. Kovalenko
  VBLHEP A.S. Averichev, N.N. Agapov, V.S. Alexandrov, A.V. Alfeev, V.A. Andreev, R.V. Andryukhin, A.M. Bazanov, V.I. Batin, Ty.T. Borzunov, O.I. Brovko, A.V. Butenko, V.M. Drobin, A.V. Eliseev, A.A. Fateev, A.V. Filippov, A.R. Galimov, V.F. Get'man, E.V. Gorbachev, A.Yu. Grebentsov, Yu.V. Gusakov, E.V. Ivanov, V.N. Karpinsky, H.G. Khodzhibagiyan, A.E. Kirichenko, O.S. Kozlov, N.G. Kondratiev, A.V. Konstantinov, A.V. Kopchenov, S.A. Kostromin, G.L. Kuznetsov, E.A. Kulikov, N.I. Lebedev, A.A. Makarov, I.N. Meshkov, A.V. Nesterov, A.L. Osipenkov, R.V. Pivin, S.V. Romanov, P.A. Rukoyatkin, T.V. Rukoyatkina, N.V. Semin, A.O. Sidorin, E.M. Syresin, A.N. Scherbakov, V.V. Tarasov, N.D. Topilin, Yu.A. Tumanova, A.V. Tuzikov, V.I. Volkov
  DLNP E.V. Akhmanova, A.G. Kobets, V.I. Khilinov, I.N. Meshkov, O.S. Orlov, A.Yu. Rydakov, N.A. Rybakov, L.V. Soboleva, T.A. Stepanova, A.A. Sidorin, E.M. Syresin, B.V. Vasilishin, V.I. Volkov, S.L. Yakovenko
  LRB V.N. Buchnev, G.N. Timoshenko, V.Yu. Schegolev
  GA&C G.V. Trubnikov
1.5. R&D, construction
and development
of cryogenic systems
N.N. Agapov
H.G. Khodzhibagiyan
  VBLHEP A.B. Arefiev, V.I. Batin, N.A. Baldin, M.A. Basheva, D.M. Belov, Yu.T. Borzunov, V.M. Drobin, N.L. Egorova, N.E. Emelyanov, E.Yu. Filippova, I.N. Goncharov, S.P. Gorelikov, E.V. Gromova, S.V. Gudkov, E.Yu. Ivanenko, E.V. Ivanov, M.V. Kondratiev, K.K. Kozlovski, A.V. Konstantinov, V.A. Kosinov, E.A. Kulikov, D.V. Lobanov, Yu.A. Mitrofanova, V.V. Orlov, I.M. Petrov, R.V. Peshkov, S.A. Sidorov, S.A. Smirnov, E.I. Vorobiev, O.B. Yarovikova
2. BM@N project
Subproject SRC
M.N. Kapishin
E. Piasetzki
O. Hen
T. Aumann
2.1. Development of the operational
area of the setup: increasing the
radiation protection, improving
detector subsystems and engi-
neering infrastructure
S.Yu. Anisimov
M.N. Kapishin
S.M. Piyadin
2.2. Construction of the basic
detector complex of the BM@N
M.N. Kapishin
2.3. Development of the tech-
nological and engineering
systems, control systems
and test areas of the setup
S.M. Piyadin
N.D. Topilin
  VBLHEP H.U. Abraamyan, G.S. Averichev, G.N. Agakishiev, S.V. Afanasiev, S.Yu. Anisimov, V.A. Babkin, S.N. Bazylev, V.P. Balandin, A.E. Baskakov, P.N. Batyuk, V. Bekirov, D.N. Bogoslovsky, I.V. Boguslavsky, M.G. Buryakov, D. Dambrovski, A.V. Dmitriev, P.O. Dulov, D.K. Dryablov, B.V. Dubinchik, D.S. Egorov, E.S. Erin, Yu.I. Fedotov, Ya. Fedorishin, I.A. Filippov, O.P. Gavrischuk, P.S. Geraksiev, K.V. Gertsenberger, S.V. Gertsenberger, V.M. Golovatyuk, Z.A. Igamkulov, M.A. Ilieva, M.N. Kapishin, V.Yu. Karzhavin, V.N. Karpinsky, R.R. Kattabekov, G.D. Kekelidze, V.I. Kireev, Yu.T. Kiryushin, S.V. Khabarov, A.D. Kovalenko, V.Yu. Kozhin, E.S. Kokoulina, V.I. Kolesnikov, A.O. Kolesnikov, V.G. Krivokhizhin, I.V. Kruglova, A.S. Kuznetsov, N.A. Kuz'min, E.M. Kulish, S.N. Kukhlin, E.A. Ladygin, V.V. Lenivenko, A.N. Livanov, A.G. Litvinenko, S.N. Lobastov, A.M. Makan'kin, A.I. Maksimchuk, A.I. Malakhov, K.Z. Mamatkulov, S.P. Merts, I.I. Migulina, A.N. Morozov, Yu.A. Murin, R.V. Nagdasev, S.N. Nagorny, D.N. Nikitin, V.A. Nikitin, V.F. Peresedov, V.A. Petrov, Yu.N. Petukhov, S.M. Piyadin, Yu.K. Potrebenikov, V.Yu. Rogov, K. Roslon, P.A. Rukoyatkin, M.M. Rumyantsev, A.D. Rustamov, I.A. Rufanov, D.G. Sakulin, S.V. Sergeev, V.O. Sidorenko, V.A. Sitnikov, V.N. Spaskov, E.A. Strokovsky, D.A. Suvarieva, I.V. Slepnev, V.M. Slepnev, I.P. Slepov, B.V. Sukhov, V. Sheynast, R.A. Shindin, A.V. Shutov, V.B. Shytov, A.V. Schipunov,
  N.A. Tarasov, O.G. Tarasov, A.V. Terletsky, A.A. Timoshenko, V.V. Tikhomirov, N.D. Topilin, I.A. Tyapkin, V.V. Ustinov, V.A. Vasendina, N.M. Vladimirova, L.S. Yordanova, V.I. Yurevich, G.A. Yarygin, N.I. Zamyatin, A.I. Zinchenko, E.V. Zubarev
  LIT D.A. Baranov, Zh.Zh. Musul'manbekov, V.V. Pal'chik, N.N. Voytishin
  FLNP E.I. Litvinenko
2.4. Studies of Short-Range-
Correlations of nucleons
at BM@N (SRC)
M.N. Kapishin
E. Piasetzky
O. Hen
T. Aumann
3. MPD project V.M. Golovatyuk
V.D. Kekelidze
  VBLHEP H.U. Abraamyan, G.S. Averichev, A.V. Averiyanov, G.N. Agakishiev, T.V. Andreeva, A.B. Anisimov, V.A. Babkin, M.Yu. Barabanov, A.G. Bazhazhin, S.V. Bazylev, S.N. Bazylev, V.P. Balandin, A.E. Baskakov, P.N. Batyk, D.N. Bogoslovsky, M.G. Buryakov, V.V. Chepurnov, G.A. Cheremukhina, D.V. Dementiev, A.V. Dmitriev, I.I. Donguzov, Dzh. Drnoyan, P.O. Dulov, V.B. Dunin, V.V. Elsha, O.V. Fateev, Ya. Fedorishin, I.A. Filippov, O.P. Gavrischuk, I.V. Gapienko, P.S. Geraksiev, K.V. Gertsenberger, Yu.V. Gusakov, A.V. Ivanov, M.A. Ilieva, A.Yu. Isupov, G.D. Kekelidze, V.A. Kireev, Yu.T. Kiryushin, E.M. Kislov, S.V. Khabarov, M.A. Kozhin, E.V. Kostyukhov, N.A. Kuz'min, A.O. Kolesnikov, A.M. Korotkova, E.A. Ladygin, A.G. Litvinenko, V.I. Lobanov, S.N. Lobastov, Yu. Lukstin'sh, V.M. Lysan, D.T. Madigozhin, A.I. Malakhov, S.P. Merts, I.N.Meshkov, I.I. Migulina, S.A. Movchan, N.A. Molokanova, A.A. Mudrokh, Yu.A. Murin, V.V. Myalkovsky, R.V. Nagdasev, S.N. Nagorny, V.A. Nikitin, V.A. Penkin, V.F. Peresedov, V.A. Petrov, Yu.P. Petukhov, A.V. Pilyar, A.A. Povtoreyko, Yu.K. Potrebenikov, I.A. Polenkevich, S.V. Razin, O.V. Rogachevsky, V.Yu. Rogov, K. Roslon, M.M. Rumyantsev,A.D. Rustamov A.A.Rybakov, V.M. Samsonov, T.V. Semchukova, S.V. Sergeev, V.O. Sidorenko, I.P. Slepov, V.M. Slepnev, I.V. Slepnev, D.A. Suvarieva, A.D. Sheremetiev, S.N. Shkarovsky, V.I. Shokin, K. Shtejer, A.B. Shutov, N.A. Shutova, A.V.Schipunov, N.A. Tarasov, O.G. Tarasov, A.V. Terletsky, A.A. Timoshenko, V.V. Tikhomirov, I.A. Tyapkin, S.Yu. Udovenko, V.A. Vasendina, S.V. Vereschagin, A.V. Vishnevsky, S.V. Volgin, A.L. Voronin, V. Voronyuk, Y.M. Vladimirova, A.I. Yukaev, G.A. Yarygin, L.S. Yordanova, N.K. Zhidkov, S.A. Zaporozhets, N.A. Zinin, A.I. Zinchenko, D.A. Zinchenko, N.I. Zamyatin, V.N. Zryuev, A.N. Zubarev
  DLNP I.N. Meshkov, A.G. Ol'shevsky
  LIT P.G. Akishin, O.Yu. Derenovskaya, V.V. Ivanov, P.I. Kisel', Zh.Zh. Musul'manbekov, A.M. Raportirenko
3.1. Design and construction of the
superconducting solenoid and
magnet yoke
N.E. Emelyanov
N.D. Topilin
  VBLHEP V.H. Dodokhov, A.A. Efremov, N.E. Emelyanov, S.G. Gordeev, G.D. Kekelidze, E.M. Kislov, V.I. Lobanov, Yu.Yu. Lobanov, N.D. Topilin
3.2. Construction of the detector
complex of the start confi-
guration of the MPD setup
V.M. Golovatyuk
V.D. Kekelidze
  VBLHEP V.A. Babkin, C.N. Bazylev, S.A. Movchan, Yu.A. Myrin, I.A. Tyapkin, N.D. Topilin, V.I. Yurevich
3.3. Design and creation of the data
acquisition and control systems
S.N. Bazylev
I.V. Slepnev
  VBLHEP A.E. Baskakov, A.A. Fedyunin, I.A. Filippov, S.N. Kuklin, V.M. Slepnev, N.A. Tarasov, A.V. Terletsky, A.B. Shutov, A.V. Schipunov
3.4 Development of MPD physical program V.I. Kolesnikov
A.I. Zinchenko
4. Theoretical investigations,
calculations and development
of models descibling nuclear
matter properties at high
temperatures and compressions,
dynamics of high-energy nuclear
interactions at extremenly high
baryonic densities, spin and
P-odd effects
D. Blaschke
A.S. Sorin
O.V. Teryaev
  BLTP A.V. Efremov, A. Frizen, A.S. Hvoroctukhin, S.B. Gerasimov, Ya.N. Klopot, A.G. Oganesyan, A. Parvan, M.K. Volkov
  LIT Yu.L. Kalinovsky, Zh.Zh. Musul'manbekov, E.G Nikonov
  DLNP G.I. Lykasov
  VBLHEP H.. Abraamyan, D.A. Artemenkov, P.N. Batyuk, D.K. Dryablov, V.D. Kekelidze, M.A. Kozhin, R. Lednicky, A.G. Litvinenko, A.I. Malakhov, S.G. Reznikov, O.V. Rogachevsky, V. Voronyuk, V.N. Zhezher
5. Computer infrastructure:
on-line and off-line clusters of
the distributed computer com-
plex, system of simulation, data
transfer and analysis, informa-
tion and technological com-
puter systems
A.G. Dolbilov
O.V. Rogachevsky
  VBLHEP Yu.I.Bulaev, V.F. Dydyshko, O.S. Fedoseev, D.G. Mel'nikov, Yu.I.Minaev, D.V. Peshekhonov, I.P. Slepov, B.G. Schinov, I.V. Slepnev, S.N. Shkarovsky, V.L. Svalov, A.V.Turmanov
  LIT D.V. Kekelidze, V.V. Koren'kov, M.S. Plyashkevich, T.A. Strizh
6. SPD project:
conceptual and technical design
of the Spin Physics Detector
(SPD) at the NICA collider
A.D. Kovalenko
V.P. Ladygin
Project preparation
  VBLHEP R.R. Akhunzyanov, V.A. Anosov, N.I. Azorsky, A.A. Baldin, E.G.Baldina, M.Yu. Barabanov, A.N. Beloborodov, A.V.Belyaev, V.V.Bleko, D.N.Bogoslovsky, I.V. Boguslavsky, V.B. Dunin, Yu.N. Filatov, T.L. Enik, O.P. Gavrischuk, A.S. Galoyan, L.Glonti, N.O.Grafov, A.S. Gribovsky, V.A.Gromov, Yu.V. Gurchin, Yu.V. Gusakov, A.V. Ivanov, Yu.A.Ivanova, A.Yu. Isupov, G.D. Kekelidze, M.A. Kozhin, E.S. Kokoulina, E.V. Kostyukhov, Yu.A. Kopylov, D.S. Korovkin, V.A. Kramarenko, V.N. Kruglov, S.V. Khabarov, P.R. Kharyuzov, A.N. Khrenov, V.M. Lysan, R. Lednicky, A.M. Makan'kin, G.V. Mescheryakov, I.V. Moshkovsky, S.N.Nagorny, V.A. Nikitin, V.V. Pavlov, S.S. Parzhitsky, E.E. Perepelkin, D.V. Peshekhonov, V.V.Popov, S.G. Reznikov, O.V. Rogachevsky, A.B.Safonov, I.A. Savin, A.A. Savenkov, S.Yu. Starikova, Ya.T. Skhomenko, E.A. Streletskaya, O.G. Tarasov, O.V. Teryaev, A.V. Tishevsky, N.D. Topilin, B.L. Topko, Yu.A.Troyan, E.A. Usenko, A.I. Sheremetieva, S.S. Shimansky, E.V. Vasilieva, P.V. Volkov, I.P. Yudin, N.I. Zamyatin, I.A. Zhukov, A.V. Zinin, E.V. Zubarev
  DLNP V.M. Abazov, G.D. Alexeev, L.G. Afanasiev, A.V. Bobkov, I.I. Denisenko, V.N. Duginov, G.A. Golovanov, K.I. Gritsay, A.V. Guskov, M. Finger, M. Finger(Jr.), V.N. Frolov, V.I.Komarov, A.V. Kulikov, V.S.Kurbatov, S.A. Kutuzov, Yu.A. Nefyedov, A.A. Piskun, I.K. Prokhorov, V.M. Romanov, A.I. Rudenko, A. Rymbekova, A.G. Samartsev, A.V. Semenov, N.B. Skatchkov, A.N.Skachkova, M. Slunecka, V. Sluneckova, V.V.Tereschenko, A.V. Tkatchenko, V.V. Tokmenin, D.A.Tsirkov, Yu.N. Uzikov, L.S. Vertogradov, Yu.L.Vertogradova, A.Yu. Verkheev, N.I. Zhuravlev
  LIT V.V. Uzhinsky, R.V. Polyakova
  BLTP I.V. Anikin, A.V. Efremov, S.V. Goloskokov, Yu. Klopot, D. Strizhik, N.I. Volchansky
7. Construction of the complex
of buildings with engineering
infrastructure for object
placement, engineering systems
and carrying out R&D for the
NICA complex
N.N. Agapov
V.D. Kekelidze
N.D. Topilin
7.1. Technical designing, coordina-
tion of the construction of the
building complex and engi-
neering infrastructure
A.V. Dudarev
I.N. Meshkov
7.2. R&D, production of prototypes
and full-scale superconducting
magnets for the NICA booster
and collider
H.G. Khodzhibagiyan
S.A. Kostromin
  VBLHEP V.V. Agapova, A.S. Averichev, V.K. Alexeev, A.M. Bazanov, N.P. Bazylev, V.I. Batin, N.A. Blinov, Yu.T. Borzunov, V.V. Borisov, A.V. Butenko, A.V. Bychkov, S.A. Dolgy, A.M. Donyagin, V.M. Drobin, N.A. Filippov, E.Yu. Filippova, A.R. Galimov, O.M. Golubitsky, Yu.V. Gusakov, E.Yu. Ivanenko, V.N. Karpinsky, R.A. Karpunin, I.E. Karpunina, H.G. Khodzhibagiyan, S.Yu. Kolesnikov, A.V. Konstantinov, V.S. Korolev, S.A. Kostromin, A.V. Kudashkin, G.L. Kuznetsov, E.A. Kulikov, O.A. Kunchenko, V.E. Kurinov, V.I. Lipchenko, D.V. Lobanov, A.A. Makarov, Yu.A. Mitrofanova, A.Yu. Merkur'ev, A.V. Nesterov, A.L. Osipenkov, R.V. Pivin, D.O. Ponkin, T.F. Prakhova, A.S. Sergeev, S.A. Smirnov, A.Yu. Starikov, V.N. Surikov, A.V. Shabunov, E.V. Shevtchenko, Yu.A. Tumanova, A.S. Vinogradov, N.A. Zhil'tsova
7.3. Upgrade and development
of electric power and tech-
nological nets aimed at the
increasing of economics
and technical efficiency
N.V. Semin
  VBLHEP A.V. Alfeev, A.M. Karetnik, A.A. Makarov, M.I. Migulin, E.V. Serochkin, V.M. Stepanov, A.N. Sotnikov, A.V. Shabunov, V.Yu. Shilov, O.M. Timoshenko, N.D. Topilin, V.P. Tchernyaev
  AS&CC Office Yu.N. Balandin, I.S. Frolov, L.I. Tikhomirov
  OCE V.N. Buchnev, 2 pers.
  LRB G.N. Timoshenko, 3 pers.

Country or International
City Institute or Laboratory
Armenia Yerevan Foundation ANSL
Belarus Minsk BSUIR
Gomel GSU
Bulgaria Sofia INRNE BAS
Blagoevgrad SWU
Plovdiv PU
China Beijing "Tsinghua"
Shanghai SINAP CAS
Huzhou HU
Lanzhou IMP CAS
Wuhan CCNU
Yichang CTGU
Chile Valparaiso UTFSM
Czech Republic Prague CU
Liberec TUL
Olomouc UP
Prague CU
Vitkovice VHM
France Nantes SUBATECH
Saclay CEA
Egypt Cairo ECTP
Germany Darmstadt GSI
TU Darmstadt
Dresden ILK
Erlangen FAU
Frankfurt/Main FIAS
Giessen JLU
Julich FZJ
Mainz JGU
Tubingen Univ.
Regensburg UR
Japan Nagoya Nagoya Univ.
Georgia Tbilisi AIP TSU
Italy Brescia Forgiatura
Genova ASG
Turin INFN
Israel Tel Aviv TAU
Jerusalem HUJI
Kazakhstan Almaty PhysTI
Mexico Mexico-City UNAM
Puebla BUAP
Moldova Chisinau MSU
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar IPT MAS
Poland Warsaw WUT
Chorzow Frako-Term
Lublin UMCS
Otwock (Swierk) NCBJ
Wroclaw ILT&SR PAS
Romania Bucharest IFIN-HH
Magurele INOE2000
Russia Moscow Cryogenmash
Moscow, Troitsk INR RAS
Belgorod BelSU
Gatchina NRC KI PNPI
Dolgoprudny MIPT
Kazan Compressormash
Novosibirsk BINP SB RAS
STL "Zaryad"
Protvino IHEP
Samara SU
St. Petersburg Neva-Magnet
Syktyvkar DM Komi SC
Fryazino ISTOK
Vladikavkaz NOSU
Chernogolovka LITP RAS
Slovakia Bratislava IMS SAS
Kosice UPJS
Zilina UZ
South Africa Cape Town UCT
Johannesburg UJ
Sweden Stockholm SU
Ukraine Kiev BITP NASU
Kharkov KhNU
USA Batavia, IL Fermilab
Cambridge, MA MIT
Stony Brook, NY SUNY
Upton, NY BNL

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