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Status: Extended

Upgrade of the ATLAS Detector and Physics Research at the LHC

Leader:     V.A. Bednyakov
Deputies:     E.V. Khramov
A.P. Cheplakov

Participating countries and international organizations:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, CERN, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, USA, Uzbekistan.

Issues addressed and main goals of research:
Absolutely new and unique data will be obtained in multifaceted and comprehensive researches of proton-proton scattering processes. Analysis of these data will allow several fundamental physical problems to be solved. Within this project, JINR scientists will participate in these analyses.
It is expected to obtain new results and make publications on all above-mentioned tasks where JINR scientists have responsibilities. The most important tasks are the studies of the proton structure and hadron state spectrum, probing of the Standard Model at the LHC energies, search for and investigation of supersymmetry, search for the evidence of existence of new particles and new interactions. In addition JINR intend to obtain new results that will help specify properties of already known elementary particles such as W- and Z-bosons, top-quark, heavy barions etc.
Implementation of this Project aimed at solving highly significant scientific problems unique applied results that may significantly change the quality of life. Among these results can be experience in operation of remote monitoring systems for technically complicated apparatus, longterm development and use of distributed comtputing systems, etc.

Expected results in the current year:
  • Investigation of the applicability of the Standard Model and verification of SM predictions (including interactions of heavy ions), determination the structure of the proton at ultra-high energies (PDFs), tuning and improvement of relevant computer codes and events generators etc.

  • Search for the chiral Z */W * bosons in the two-jet decays and in the process with more complex topology of their associative production including heavy b and t quarks.

  • Search for (supersymmetric) charged Higgs bosons via their specific decay modes (3-lepton, etc).

  • Analyses on associated productions of the SM Higgs withpair and search for production with single top.

  • Search for a valence-like nonperturbative component of heavy quarks in the proton (intrinsic heavy quarks) via specific final state topology in the pp interactions.

  • Search for new hadrons and baryons containing heavy c and b quarks and study of their properties.

  • Measurement of the Drell Yan triple-differential cross section and effective leptonic weak mixing angle in the Z-boson decay.

  • New comprehensive study of the gluon structure of the proton, etc.

  • Search for quantum black holes in the lepton+jet channel at 13 TeV.

  • Participation in the development event trigger indexing infrastructure.

  • Development and maintenance of the TDAQ system.

List of projects:
  Project Leader Priority
(period of realisation)
1. ATLAS. Physical researches at LHC V.A. Bednyakov
E.V. Khramov
A.P. Cheplakov
1   (2010-2023)
2. Upgrade of the ATLAS Detector A.P. Cheplakov 1   (2013-2020)

List of Activities
  Activity or Experiment Leaders
      Laboratory or other
    Division of JINR
Responsible person
Main researchers
1. Experiment ATLAS V.A. Bednyakov
E.V. Khramov
A.P. Cheplakov
Technical Proposal
V.A. Bednyakov
Yu.A. Budagov
N.A. Russakovich
G.P. Chelkov
A.M. Artikov, N.V. Atanov, V.Yu. Baranov, V.Yu. Batusov, I.R. Boyko, M.V. Chizhov, Z. Chubinidze, Yu.I. Davydov, D.V. Dedovich, M.A. Demichev, A.V. Ershova, V.A. Gerasimov, L.R. Gladilin, V.V. Glagolev, A. Gongadze, I. Gongadze, L. Gongadze, M.I. Gostkin, A.V. Guskov, N. Huseinov, Yu.P. Ivanov, L.V. Kalinovskaja, S.N. Karpov, Z.M. Karpova, D.V. Kharchenko, I. Kostyukhina, O.A. Koval, D.A. Kozhevnikov, V.G. Kruchonok, Yu.A. Kultchitsky, M.V. Lyablin, G.I. Lykasov, V.V. Lyubushkin, T.V. Lyubushkina, S.N. Malyukov, M. Manashova, I. Minashvili, I. Minashvili I., Yu.A. Nefedov, A.A. Nozdrin, E.M. Plontikova, S.Yu. Porokhovoy, I.N. Potrap, F.V. Prokoshin, V.M. Romanov, T.O. Rudenko, S.S. Rzaeva, R.R. Sadykov, A.A. Sapronov, A.V. Simonenko, P.I. Smolyanskiy, M.M. Shiyakova, A.N. Shalyugin, Yu.Yu Stepanenko, V.V. Tereschenko, I.N. Troeglazov, P.V. Tereshko, S.M. Turchikhin, Yu.A. Usov, Z. Usubov, A.O. Vasyukov, I.V. Yeletskikh, A.S. Zhemchugov
A.P. Cheplakov
F.N. Ahmadov, Yu.A. Fillipov, A.V. Ivanov, N.A. Javadov, V.V. Kukhtin, E.A. Ladygin, S.N. Nagorny, A.A. Soloshenko, N.I. Zimin, B.G. Shaykhatdenov, T. Turtuvshin
V.V. Korenkov, P.V. Zrelov
E.A. Alexandrov, I.N. Aleksandrov, N.I. Gromova, A.V. Iakovlev, A.I. Kazymov, M.A. Mineev, D.A. Oleinik, A.Sh. Petrosyan, V.N. Shigaev
D.I. Kazakov
A.B. Arbuzov, A.V Bednyakov, S.G. Bondarenko, A.V. Gladyshev, A.F. Pikelner, O.V. Teryaev
S.A. Kulikov
M.V. Bulavin

Country or International
City Institute or Laboratory
Armenia Yerevan Foundation ANSL
Azerbaijan Baku IP ANAS
Belarus Minsk IAP NASB
Gomel GSTU
Bulgaria Sofia SU
Canada Vancouver TRIUMF
Montreal UdeM
Czech Republic Prague CU
France Clermont-Ferrand LPC
Orsay LAL
Germany Munich MPI-P
Zeuthen DESY
Georgia Tbilisi HEPI-TSU
Israel Rehovot WIS
Italy Pisa INFN
Netherlands Amsterdam NIKHEF
Russia Moscow ITEP
Protvino IHEP
Slovakia Bratislava CU
Spain Barcelona IFAE
USA Lemont, IL ANL
Uzbekistan Samarkand SSU

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