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Status: New

Development of the SOLCRYS Structural Research Laboratory
at the SOLARIS National Synchrotron Radiation Centre

Leader:     N. Kucerka

Participating Countries and International organizations:
Belarus, Poland, Russia, Slovak Republic, Ukraine.

Issues addressed and main goals of research:
The development of a new laboratory for structural research of new materials (catalysts, polymers, etc.), nanomaterials (nanoparticles, nanocomposites, etc.), materials under extreme conditions (superconductors, perovskites, etc.), and biomaterials (proteins, DNA, etc.) utilizing synchrotron X-rays.

Expected results in the current year:
  • Development of technical infrastructure for the SOLCRYS laboratory.

  • Development and design of the insertion device (superconducting wiggler or other system), which will allow obtaining synchrotron radiation in the range of 5 to 22 keV, to be used by the end stations of the SOLCRYS beamline.

List of Activities
  Activity or experiment Leaders
  Laboratory or other
Division of JINR
Main researchers
1. Elaboration and development of
Technical Infrastructure within a
scope necessary to install and
properly operate the research
equipment of the SOLCRYS
Kucerka N.
2. Design, purchase and installation of
a superconducting wiggler as a
radiation source in the X-ray range
with an upper photon energy at
least 20 keV.
Kucerka N.
3. Design, purchase and installation
of research lines of synchrotron
Kuklin A.I.
Lukin E.V.
4. Design, purchase and installation of
measuring stations for diffraction
studies and studies of scattering at
small angles.
Kuklin A.I.
Lukin E.V.
5. Design and assembly of control
systems as well as of data
acquisition and storage systems.
Kucerka N.
Kuklin A.I.
Lukin E.V.

Country or International
City Institute or Laboratory
Poland Krakow SOLARIS
Poznan AMU
Russia Novosibirsk BINP SB RAS
Belarus Minsk BSU
Ukraine Kiev NUK
Slovakia Bratislava CU

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