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Manuscript Title: RADCAP: a potential model tool for direct capture reactions.
Authors: C.A. Bertulani
Program title: RADCAP
Catalogue identifier: ADSH
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 156(2003)123
Programming language: Fortran 77.
Computer: IBM-PC and UNIX machines.
Operating system: Windows, UNIX.
RAM: 1M words
Keywords: Potential model, Photodissociation, Radiative capture, Astrophysical S-factors, Nuclear Physics, Direct reactions.
Classification: 17.11.

Nature of problem:
The program calculates bound and continuum wavefunctions, phase-shifts and resonance widths, astrophysical S-factors, and other quantities of interest for direct capture reactions.

Solution method:
Solves the radial Schrodinger equation for bound and for continuum states. First the eigenenergy is estimated by using the WKB method. Then a Numerov integration is used outwardly and inwardly and a matching at the nuclear surface is done to obtain the energy and the bound state wavefunction with good accuracy. The continuum states are obtained by a Runge-Kutta integration, matching the Coulomb wavefunctions at large distances outside the range of the nuclear potential.

Running time:
Almost all the CPU time is consumed by the solution of the radial Schrodinger equation. It is about 1 minute on a 1GHz Intel P4-processor machine for a Woods-Saxon potential.