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Manuscript Title: Subroutines for some plasma surface interaction processes: physical sputtering, chemical erosion, radiation enhanced sublimation, backscattering and thermal evaporation
Authors: M. Warrier, R. Schneider, X. Bonnin
Program title: Plasma Surface Interaction Codes (PSIC)
Catalogue identifier: ADTR
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 160(2004)46
Programming language: FORTRAN-77.
Computer: Program is designed for any computer with a FORTRAN-77 compiler. It has been tested on a Linux PC with g77, Absoft f77, f90, f95, Fujitsu f95, Lahey f95.
Operating system: Linux, UNIX.
Number of processors used: 1
RAM: Negligible (executable is 178 861 bytes; add to it the memory used by the Fortran library linked to)
Word size: 16
Keywords: Plasma surface interactions, Physical sputtering, Chemical erosion, Radiation enhanced sublimation, Thermal evaporation of graphite, Heat diffusion in graphite, Backscattering coefficient.
PACS: 52.40.H.
Classification: 19.11, 21.1.

Nature of problem:
0-D plasma surface interaction model used to demonstrate calls to subroutines for physical sputtering yield, chemical erosion yield of graphite, RES of graphite, backscattering coefficients, thermal evaporation of graphite and 1-D heat diffusion in graphite.

Solution method:
Semi-empirical formulas are used for the PSIs and analytical formulas are used for thermal evaporation and 1-D heat diffusion in graphite.

All the PSIs (except for the backscattering coefficients) are valid only for a monoatomic target. The heat diffusion solution is not valid for non-uniform plasmas and for targets for which the heat diffusion is not isotropic.

Running time:
Example program takes much less than 0.01 second