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Manuscript Title: FaCE: a tool for Three Body Faddeev calculations with core excitation.
Authors: I.J. Thompson, F.M. Nunes, B.V. Danilin.
Program title: FaCE
Catalogue identifier: ADTW
Journal reference: Comput. Phys. Commun. 161(2004)87
Programming language: Fortran 90.
Computer: Any UNIX/Linux workstation or PC.
Operating system: Linux, UNIX.
RAM: 9 Mbytes of RAM memory and 12 MB of hard disc space.
Keywords: Three body problem, Core excitation, Exotic nuclei, Bound states.
PACS: 11.80, 21.10, 21.45+v, 21.60.Gx.
Classification: 17.21, 17.16.

Nature of problem:
The program calculates eigenenergies and eigenstates for the three body problem by solving the Faddeev equations.

Solution method:
Given the two body effective potentials it performs the supersymmetric transformation in cases where there are forbidden states to be removed. The three body wavefunction is expanded in hyperspherical coordinates, the hyper-angular part is a series of jacobi polynomials and the hyper- radial part is written in terms of a laguerre basis. Within this basis the three body matrix elements are calculated and the full three body Hamiltonian matrix is completed. The diagonalization process is performed after various reductions (isospin, orthonormal and Feshbach) to determine the energies. Finally the three body wavefunction is reconstructed and other bound state observables are calculated.

Additional comments:
Source code for 6 routines from the NAG and BLAS libraries is included to enable independent compilation.

Running time:
6 sec on a 1.7 GHz Intel P4-processor machine.