The permanent of 0,1 matrices and Kallman's algorithm. G. Delic, G.G. Cash.

Title of program: KALLC90 and KALLPC
Catalogue identifier: ADLC
Ref. in CPC: 124(2000)315
Distribution format: gzip file
Operating system: UNICOS 9.0, UNICOS MAX 1.2, IRIX 6.2, DOS 6.22
High speed store required: 2MK words
Number of bits in a word: 64
Number of lines in distributed program, including test data, etc: 3157
Programming language used: Fortran
Computer: Cray C90

Nature of physical problem:
Numerical evaluation of the permanent of a 0,1 matrix.

Method of solution
Cray (and PC) Fortran implementation of a code and algorithm due to Kallman.

Restrictions on the complexity of the problem
Size of the square matrix is limited to n<=120 (Cray) or n<=60 (PC).

Typical running time
For the Cray C90 this varies from 0.95s to 15.6 hours for the test cases corresponding to n=30 and n=60, respectively.