A numerical solver for rate equations and photon transport equations in nonlinear laser spectroscopy. J. Ehlert, H. Stiel, K. Teuchner.

Title of program: PRES version 1.2
Catalogue identifier: ADLD
Ref. in CPC: 124(2000)330
Distribution format: tar gzip file
Operating system: MS-DOS, UNIX
Number of lines in distributed program, including test data, etc: 2718
Programming language used: Fortran

Nature of physical problem:
Nonlinear incoherent light matter interaction.

Unusual features of the program
PRES is a subroutine package which can be used as kernel procedure in a program for several purposes. An executable program PRM for demonstration of the usage of PRES can be obtained too.

Typical running time
Depends on model size, usually about 1 second.