5 The riegeom package: abstract tensor calculation. R. Portugal.

Title of program: Riegeom
Catalogue identifier: ADLM
Ref. in CPC: 126(2000)261
Distribution format: tar gzip file
Operating system: Windows98, Unix
Number of bits in a word: 32
Number of lines in distributed program, including test data, etc: 15246
Programming language used: Maple V Release 4 or 5
Computer: Pentium II, 400 MHz

Nature of physical problem:
Simplification of tensor expressions and tensor manipulation in the indicial format. Useful for calculations in General Relativity and Riemannian Geometry.

Method of solution
Canonical form for tensor expressions and fast algorithms for tensor simplification.

Restrictions on the complexity of the problem
Computer memory.

Typical running time
The timing for finding the canonical form of a Riemann tensor monomial of degree 4 is around 1 second in a Pentium II, 400 Mhz running Windows98.