propBG: A program for calculating the intensity and the far-field profile of harmonics emitted by a dilute gas irradiated by an intense Gaussian or Bessel-Gauss laser beam. C.F.R. Caron, R.M. Potvliege.

Title of program: propBG
Catalogue identifier: ADLO
Ref. in CPC: 126(2000)269
Distribution format: tar gzip file
Operating system: UNIX (AIX3.2.5, SunOS 5.6, OSF1 4.0D, IRIX 6.4)
High speed store required: 2MK words
Number of lines in distributed program, including test data, etc: 8876
Programming language used: Fortran

Nature of physical problem:
The program calculates conversion efficiencies and spatio-temporal far-field profiles of harmonics generated by a gaseous target irradiated by an intense Gaussian or Bessel-Gauss beam, given the relevant atomic data.

Method of solution
The harmonic far-field amplitude is expressed as an integral over the medium, with the help of the retarded Green's function of the propagation equation, and is evaluated by numerical quadrature.

Unusual features of the program
The optional use of the routine S17DEF of the NAG Fortran Library [1].

Typical running time
Depends crucially on the complexity of the problem. About 18 minutes for the test data on a SGI Origin 2000 machine (R10000 processor running at 195 MHz).


 [1] NAG Fortran Library Manual, Mark 13 (The Numerical Algorithms Group 
     Ltd, Oxford, 1988).