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Library "JINRLIB"


Author: R.N.Vasin

SKAT2MAUD is software designed to convert standard datafiles
of different neutron diffraction instruments

Version: 2012/07/27
Language: ++
Platform: Windows

SKAT2MAUD is software designed to convert standard datafiles of neutron diffraction instruments SKAT and FSD (Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia) into the format suitable for processing them with a freeware MAUD (official website of MAUD program is
SKAT2MAUD is written on C++ and it uses WinAPI functions to work with files and folders. It has been tested on different PC under different operation systems: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium x64, Microsoft Windows 7 Professional x64 and Ubuntu 12.04 (using Wine 1.4). Main program does not need any additional programs installed, or any libraries or files.
The language of user interface and documentation file is English.

First application of SKAT2MAUD in analysis of SKAT diffractometer data (peer-reviewed publication):
Wenk H.-R., Vasin R.N., Kern H., Matthies S., Vogel S.C., Ivankina T.I. "Revisiting elastic anisotropy of biotite gneiss from the Outokumpu scientific drill hole based on new texture measurements and texture-based velocity calculations."
Tectonophysics. 2012. V. 570-571. P. 123-134.