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103rd  session of the JINR Scientific Council

21 - 22 February 2008

21 February 2008  
  1.  Opening of the 103rd session A. Sissakian
  2.  Implementation of the recommendations of the Scientific Council's 102nd session. Major results of JINR's activity in 2007 A. Sissakian
(PPT  122,8 Mb)
  3.  Appointment of the Editing Board for drafting the Council Resolution I. Wilhelm
  4.  Appointment of the Expert Committee for the elections of the Director of LIT and of a Deputy Director of BLTP  
  5.  Operation and development of the JINR basic facilities:
    - Operation of the facilities in 2007

    - Status of modernization of the IBR-2 reactor

    - Development of the neutron spectrometer complex for the IBR-2M reactor

    - Development of the FLNR cyclotron complex

    - IREN: status and schedule

    - Nuclotron-M project

    - Activity for the NICA/MPD project

    - Discussion of Item 5 issues

G. Shirkov
(PPT  6,2 Mb)
A. Vinogradov
(PPT  182 Mb)
A. Balagurov
(PPT  6,3 Mb)
G. Gulbekian
(PPT  3,3 Mb)
V. Shvetsov
(PPT  5,3 Mb)
G. Trubnikov
(PPT  6,5 Mb)
V. elidze
(PPT  8,4 Mb)

  6.  Preparation of the JINR-CERN partnership programme for the next five years N. Russakovich
(PPT  94 kb)
  22 February 2008  
  7.  Plans for JINR's participation in the FAIR project
    - Accelerator technology

    - Spectrometers and physics issues

A. Kovalenko
(PPT  3,4 Mb)
A. Olchevski
(PPT  6,3 Mb)
  8.  Recommendations of the Programme Advisory Committees:
    - PAC for Particle Physics

    - PAC for Nuclear Physics

    - PAC for Condensed Matter Physics

J. Nassalski
(PPT  48 kb)
W. Greiner
(PPT  3,4 Mb)
W. Nawrocik
(PPT  122 kb)
  9.  Memberships of the PACs . Itkis
(PPT  49 kb)
10.  Reports by Directors of JINR Laboratories and University Centre on the results of activity in 2007 (in written form)  
11.  General discussion  
12.  Jury's recommendations on the JINR prizes for 2007
(PDF  91,45 kb)
13.  Proposal for awarding the title "Honorary Doctor of JINR".
        Announcement of the laureate of the 2007 B. Pontecorvo Prize.
. Sissakian

14.  Elections of the Director of LIT and of a Deputy Director of BLTP:
    - Information by the JINR Directorate

    - Recommendations of the Expert Committee

    - Presentation by the Director of BLTP

    - Presentations by the candidates

    - Elections
15.  Announcement of the vacancy of the position of the Director of DLNP A. Sissakian
16.  Adoption of the Council Resolution HTML,  PDF

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