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95th session of the JINR Scientific Council

Dubna, 15-16   January 2004

15 January 2004  
1.  Opening of the session V. Kadyshevsky
2.  Implementation of the recommendations of the Scientific Council's 93rd and 94th sessions V. Kadyshevsky
(PDF  4,694 Mb)
V. Kadyshevsky
(PDF  266,302 Kb)
3.  Appointment of the Expert Committee for election at this session  
4.  Appointment of the Editing Board for drafting the Council Resolution  
5.  Supplements to "The Programme of JINR's Scientific Research and Development for 2003-2009":
  • on infrastructure and on recruitment of young staff
    (written material prepared by the JINR Directorate)
  • booklet of projects and themes (the electronic version is available
    on the Web site
6.  Scientific progress reports and proposals for the current JINR Scientific Programme (submitted in written form by the JINR Laboratories, Department of Radiation and Radiobiological Research, and University Centre)  
7.  Status, operation and development of the JINR basic facilities G. Shirkov
(PPT  11,616 Mb)
8.  Recommendations of the Programme Advisory Committees:
  • PAC for Particle Physics

  • PAC for Nuclear Physics

  • PAC for Condensed Matter Physics

P. Spillantini
(PPT  477,696 Kb)
N. Janeva
(PPT  9,286 Mb)
W. Nawrocik
(PPT  73,728 Kb)
9.  Memberships of the PACs A. Sissakian
Ts. Vylov
10.  General discussion  
11.  Election of a Deputy Director of the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems (DLNP):
  • Recommendations of the Expert Committee
  • Recommendation of DLNP Director A. Olchevski concerning candidates for the Deputy Director positions
  • Discussion of the recommendations
  • Election
12.  Announcement of vacancies of DLNP Deputy Directors  
16 January 2004  
13.  Jury's recommendations on the JINR prizes for 2003 A. Sissakian
(PDF  88,650 Kb)
14.  Awarding of the title "Honorary Doctor of JINR" V. Kadyshevsky
15.  Awarding of the B. Pontecorvo Prize.
Scientific presentation by the laureate of the B. Pontecorvo Prize

Y. Totsuka
(PPT  4,828 Mb)
16.  Scientific reports:
  • "Project and research programme of the cyclotron complex for the L. Gumilev University (Astana)"

  • "Prospects for the synthesis of superheavy elements at JINR"

  • "Electron string phenomenon: physics and applications"

A. Sissakian
B. Gikal
(PPT  20,394 Mb)
Yu. Oganessian

E. Donets
(PPT  2,348 Mb)
17.  Adoption of the Council Resolution     (HTML, PDF)  

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