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96 th session of the JINR Scientific Council

Dubna, 3-4   June 2004

3 June 2004  
1.  Opening of the session V. Kadyshevsky
2.  Information on the decisions of the March 2004 session of the JINR Committee of Plenipotentiaries V. Kadyshevsky
(PPT  25,4,Mb,
 PDF  177,4 Kb)
3.  Appointment of the Expert Committee for election at this session  
4.  Appointment of the Editing Board for drafting the Council Resolution  
5.  Recommendations of the Programme Advisory Committees:
  • PAC for Particle Physics

  • PAC for Nuclear Physics

  • PAC for Condensed Matter Physics

P. Spillantini
(PPT  483,3 Kb)
N. Rowley
(PPT  2,4 Mb)
W. Nawrocik
(PPT  60,4 Kb)
6.  Memberships and Chairpersons of the PACs A. Sissakian,  Ts. Vylov
(PPT  44,5 Kb)
7.  Election of a Deputy Director of the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems (DLNP):
  • Recommendations of the Expert Committee
  • Recommendation of DLNP Director A. Olchevski concerning the candidate for the Deputy Director position
  • Discussion of the recommendations
  • Election
8.  Awarding of the title "Honorary Doctor of JINR" V. Kadyshevsky
9.  Scientific reports:
  • "20 Years of Exploitation of the IBR-2 Reactor"

  • "Neutron Scattering in Condensed Matter Research at the IBR-2 reactor"

  • "Future Development of DESY"

  • "Physics Results of the NA48 Experiments and the Dubna Groupís Role in Their Realization"

V. Ananiev
(PPT  26,9 Mb)
A. Balagurov
(PPT  4,3 Mb)
ņ. Wagner
(PPT  11,8 Mb)
V. Kekelidze
(PPT  37 Mb)
4 June 2004  
10.  General discussion  
11.  Scientific reports:
  • "From Resonances and Gluons to the LHC and the Origin of Mass"

  • "Integrable Models of Non-Equilibrium Processes"

  • "Search and Study of Narrow Exotic Baryons at the Nuclotron"

R. Cashmore
(PPT  19,7 Mb)
V. Priezzhev

Ň. Strokovsky
(PPT  2 Mb)
12.  Awarding of JINR prizes for 2003 V. Kadyshevsky
13.  Adoption of the Council Resolution     (HTML)  

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