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98th session of the JINR Scientific Council

2-3 June 2005

2 June 2005  
1.  Opening of the session V. Kadyshevsky
2.  Information on the decisions of the March 2005 session of the JINR Committee of Plenipotentiaries V. Kadyshevsky
(PPS  15,142 Mb,
PDF, 38,26 Kb)
3.  First proposals of the Directorate concerning the strategic plan for the Institute's development ("road map") A. Sissakian
(PPS  26,664 Mb)
4.  Appointment of the Editing Board for drafting the Council Resolution  
5.  Information on the operation of the JINR basic facilities and on construction of the IREN facility G. Shirkov
(PPS  1,583 Mb)
6.  Recommendations of the Programme Advisory Committees:
  • PAC for Particle Physics

  • PAC for Nuclear Physics

  • PAC for Condensed Matter Physics

T. Hallman
(PPS  4,449 Mb)
N. Janeva
(PPS  3,896 Mb)
W. Nawrocik
(PPS  1,177 Mb)
7.  Memberships of the PACs A. Sissakian, Ts. Vylov
(PPS  31,23 Kb)
8.  Round Table "JINR's cooperation with German research centres, universities, organizations and foundations in the field of science and education"


  • "Status and Prospects of the Cooperation"

  • "Giessen-BLTP-UC Collaboration in Nuclear Physics: Research and Education"

  • "The Research Opportunities in Germany"

  • "Helmholtz and Russia - Strategic Alliance for a Better Future"

  • "Scientific and Educational Programme DIAS-TH"



A. Sissakian
(PPS  26,097 Mb,
PDF 52,57 Kb)
W. Scheid
(PPS  569,8 Kb)
S. Ivanova
(PPS  1,285 Mb)
D. Sdvizkov
(PPS  13,181Mb)
B. Heinze
(PPS  22,715 Mb)
A. Filippov
3 June 2005.  
9.  Research in the field of radiation biology at JINR and plan to reorganize the Division of Radiation and Radiobiological Research into a Laboratory of Radiation Biology E. Krasavin
(PPS  23,856 Mb)
10.  Awarding of the title "Honorary Doctor of JINR" V. Kadyshevsky
11.  Announcement of vacancies of Directors of BLTP and FLNP to be elected at the Scientific Council's 100th session in June 2006  
12.  General discussion  
13.  Scientific reports: World Year of Physics
  • "Synthesis of Superheavy Elements at JINR: New Results and Prospects"

  • "Present Status of the Problem of Neutrino Mass and Oscillations"

Yu. Oganessian
(PPS  36,635 Mb)
S. Bilenky
14.  Adoption of the Council Resolution     (PDF)  

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