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99th session of the JINR Scientific Council

19 - 20 January 2006

19 January 2006  
1.  Opening of the session A. Sissakian
2.  Implementation of the recommendations of the Scientific Council's 97th and 98th sessions A. Sissakian
(PPT  106M)
3.  Scientific progress reports and proposals for the current JINR Scientific Programme (submitted in written form by the JINR Laboratories and University Centre)  
4.  Appointment of the Editing Board for drafting the Council Resolution  
5.  Draft road map of the strategic goals of the JINR scientific programme A. Sissakian
(PPS  1.8 Mb)
A. Olchevski
(PPT  4.8 Mb)
M. Itkis
(PPT  10.9 Mb)
A. Belushkin
(PPT  37.0 Mb)
6.  JINR's plans for participation in the International Linear Collider (ILC) activity A. Olchevski
(HTML  6.5 Mb)
7.  JINR's participation in innovation activity A. Ruzaev
(PPT  4.1 Mb)
8.  Progress of implementation of the programme "Young Staff at JINR" G. Shirkov
(PPT  1017 kb)
9.  Development of the JINR engineering and technical infrastructure in 2006-2010 G. Shirkov
(PPT  1017 kb)
10.  Proposal for completion of the construction of the IREN facility (1st stage) V. Shvetsov
(PPT  22.7 Mb)
11.  Recommendations of the Programme Advisory Committees:
  • PAC for Particle Physics

  • PAC for Nuclear Physics

  • PAC for Condensed Matter Physics

T. Hallman
(PPT  5.4 Mb)
N. Janeva
(PPT  110 kb)
W. Nawrocik
(PPT  57 kb)
12.  Proposals of the JINR Directorate:
  • for an amendment in the "Rules of Procedure of the JINR Scientific Council" concerning the position of executive co-chairman of the Scientific Council;
  • for the memberships of the PACs
N. Russakovich
(PPT  51 kb)
13.  Announcement of vacancies of Directors of VBLHE, FLNR, LPP, and LRB to be elected at the Scientific Council's 101st session in January 2007.
Proposal of the JINR Directorate to postpone the elections of Directors of BLTP and FLNP till the 101st session
N. Russakovich
(PPT  60 Kb)
14.  Jury's recommendations on the JINR prizes for 2005 I. Savin
(PPT  3.7 Mb)
20 January 2006  
15  Proposal of the JINR Directorate for awarding the title "Honorary Doctor of JINR" A. Sissakian
16.  Awarding of the B. Pontecorvo Prize. Scientific presentation by the laureate of the B. Pontecorvo Prize S. Mikheyev
(PPT  5.0 Mb)
17.  Cooperation between the Russian Academy of Sciences and JINR in the fields of radiation biology and radiation medicine A. Konovalov
(PPT  42.9 Mb)
18.  General discussion  
19.  Scientific reports:
  • "The Quantum Number Colour, Coloured Quarks and QCD"

  • "Search for a Mixed Phase of Strongly Interacting Matter at the Nuclotron"

  • "Precise Predictions of Low-Energy QCD and Their Check by the DIRAC experiment"

  • "Peculiarities of the Production and Decay of Superheavy Elements"

A. Tavkhelidze
(PPT  703 kb)
A. Sorin
(PPT  3.0 Mb)
L. Nemenov (PPT  3.0 Mb,
PDF  862 kb)

M. Itkis
(PPT  14.7 Mb)
20.  Adoption of the Council Resolution     (HTML / PDF)  

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