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Joint  Institute  for  Nuclear  Research


B o r i s  M i k h a i l o v i c h  S t a r c h e n k o

JINR Press - secretary

Boris Mikhailovich Starchenko - JINR Press-secretary

Date and place of  birth: October 28, 1946, Dubna, Moscow region

Education: Higher

Professional career:

Since 1965 - JINR (Dubna, Moscow region)
1965 - 1979 - He tooks part in the preparation and conducting of a number of physics experiments at the Institute synchrophasotron and the U-70 accelerator in IHEP (Protvino)
Since 1979 - JINR Administration

Scientific-organizational activities:

He prepares information materials about the  Institute  to be published in books and booklets, communications for journals, newspapers, radio and television. He is responsible for the publication of the "JINR News"  journal and the annual  "Report on Scientific-Research Activities at JINR" 
He has organized and managed numerous exhibitions dedicated to the activities at the Institute and international cooperation, in particular, such as "Men and Atoms", "Atom for Peace", "Science Bringing Nations Together".
He has taken part in scenario preparation and shooting of a number of documentaries about JINR and famous scientists, JINR founders.

Professional interests:
The publicity extension about the activities of the Institute and its scientific-technical achievements

Co-author of 20 scientific papers. Author of photo albums, booklets and over 40 large popular science articles on JINR achievements

Prizes, honorary titles, state prizes:

The first prize of the contest dedicated to JINR's 50th anniversary:
For popularization and propagation of the achievements of the international intergovernmental centre of science in nomination "Pages of the JINR history" - Photoalbum "Scientific Dubna" and DVD-album "JINR in 1956-2006. Documentary films".
B. Starchenko is an Honorary JINR staff member; he is the holder of the Medal "Veteran of Labour" the Medal "850th anniversary of Moscow", the Badge "Veteran of Atomic Energy and Industry"

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