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General  data  
Capital: Yerevan.
Area: 29800
Population: 3 421 800 people.
Admin. division: 10 provinces & 1 city.
Language: The State language is Armenian.
Currency: Dram (100 lums).
Time: The time in Armenia at one hour outstrips
the Moscow time.
Large cities: Kirovokan, Sevan, Kafan.
Geographical position: Armenia is the state in the South of  Transcaucasia.
State system:
  • Republic. The head of the state is the President (is elected by universal suffrage for 5-year term). The legislature is one-chamber National Assembly (190 seats, they are elected by universal suffrage for 5-year term).


  • The climate is continental. At the foothills the average temperature of July is +24-26C, January: -5C, precipitations: 200-400 mm per year. In mountains: July - +18-20C, January - from -2C up to -14C, precipitations: up to 500 mm.


  • In the industry of Armenia the mechanical engineering & metalworking, the chemical industry, building materials manufacture, food & light industry are advanced. In agriculture of Armenia viticulture & fruit growing are of great importance. Potatoes, tobacco, sugar beet are cultivated.

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