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General date  
Capital: Baku.
Area: 88 600 thousand sq. km.
Population: 7 855 600 people.
Admin. division: 59 regions, 11 cities
and 1autonomous republic.
Language: State language is Azerbaijani.
Currency: Manat.
Large cities: Sumqayit, Nahichevan,
Shaki, Mingachevir.
Geographical position:
  • Azerbaijan is the state located in the western part of Transcaucasia. On the East it is washed by Caspian sea.

State system:

  • Republic. The head of the state is the president (he is elected by universal suffrage for a 5-years term). The Legislature is one-chamber National Assembly (125 places).


  • Climate is changeable from temperate to subtropical. Average temperature of June is from 5 C in mountain regions up to 25-27 C in lowland, of July accordingly - from -10 C up to 3 C. Annual precipitations in Big Caucasus foothills - up to 1200 - 1700 mm in Lenkoran lowland.


  • From the end of 80-th years in Azerbaijan relations between indigenous population and the Armenians living in autonomous region Nagorny Karabah have become aggravated. The opposition was finished by mass disorders and numerous murders of peace inhabitants. Nagorny Karabah has declared separation from Azerbaijan and the beginning of the armed struggle. In 1991, as a result of disintegration of the USSR, the Republic Azerbaijan was proclaimed. On the present moment 20% of country territory is supervised by Nagorny Karabah armed forces.

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