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General date  
Capital: Prague - 1217thousand people. (1994).
Area: 78864 sq. km.
Population: About 10286000 people.
Language: The official language is Czech.
Slovak, German, English, Russian are used.
Currency: The Czech crone: 100 CSK = 2.54985 USD.
Time: Moscow time -2 hours.
Large cities: Brno - 390 thousand (1993),
Ostrava - 327 thousand (1993).
Geographical position:
  • It is the State in the Central Europe. In the north it borders by Poland, in the east - by Slovakia, in the south - by Austria, in the west and north by Germany.

State system:

  • Czech is the Republic with two-chamber Parliament. The head of the state is the President.


  • The climate in Czech Republic is soft, moderate - continental with warm summer and changeable winter. In Moravia, situated in the southeast part of the country, a little bit more warmly, than in the other territory. The maximal temperature of January is + 10C, average temperature is - 3C, minimal temperature is - 12C, in July accordingly - 33C, 18C, 10C.


  • Czech Republic successfully joined to old capitalist Europe. But in comparison with Europe everything is cheaper here, and tourists are met with special Slavic affability. On the one hand, you feel, as a guest, and at the same time absolutely, as at home. There are a lot of fantastic castles, palaces, estates and museums in this country. The spirit of Middle Ages is kept in some cities, there are so many interesting places, that is necessary to come several times to see everything.

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