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General date  
Capital: Tbilisi.
Area: 69 700 sq. km.
Population: 5 108 500 people.
Admin. division: The republic consisting of 53 districts,
9 cities and 2 autonomous republics.
Language: The official language is Georgia
(in Abkhazia - the Abkhazian language).
Currency: Lari (100 tetri).
Large cities: Batumi, Sukhumi,
Kutaisi, Rustavi, Poti.
Geographical position:
  • Georgia is the state
    located in Transcaucasia.

State system:

  • The head of the state is the President. The President is elected by universal suffrage on 5-year term. Legislative body is the one-chamber Supreme Soviet (usually named Parliament) consisting of 235 seats; deputies are elected by universal suffrage on 4-year term.


  • The climate in the west is subtropical; to the east the climate changes from subtropical to moderate. Average temperatures of January are from 3C (Colchis) up to -2 C (Iveriyskaya plain), of August 23C - 26C. In the Western Georgia that opens on to the Black sea precipitations are from 1000 up to 2800 mm. a year, in the Eastern Georgia - 300 - 600 mm. a year.


  • Georgia is the native land of ancient culture; its literary memorials are dated in the 5th century A.D. The rhetorical school in which the Greek language was studied simultaneously with Georgian operated in Colchis. In the 12th century academies in Ikalto and Gelati became the first medieval centres of higher education. Epic masterpiece of the Georgian literature "The Hero in Tiger Skin " by Shota Rustaveli is dated in the 12th century. The most significant contribution to development of the Georgian literature was brought by Sulhan-Saab Orbeliani and Iliya Chavchavadze. The playwright of the 19th century George Eristavi is the founder of the modern Georgian theatre. Other outstanding poets and writers: A.Tsereteli, A.Kazbegi, V.Pshavela, M.Dzhavahishvili, T.Tabidze. Ancient monuments of the Georgian architecture are the numerous churches and monasteries built in traditions of the Byzantine style.

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