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General date  
Capital: Astana.
Area: 2 717 300 sq. km.
Population: 14 953 000 people (1999).
Admin. division: Republic consists of 14 areas
and three cities .
Language: The official languages are Kazak & Russian
Currency: Kazakhstan tenge (100 tyins).
Large cities: Almaty, Bajkanur, Aktau, Pavlodar,
Semipalatinsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk.
Geographical position:
  • Kazakhstan is the state in the Central Asia. Part of the Sub Caspian and Turansky lowlands is in the west, Kazakh low sand is in the central part, southern suburb of the West Siberian plain is in the north, the Altai, Tarbagaty, Dzungarsky Alatay, Tien-Shan Mountains are in the east and southeast of the country.

State system:

  • The head of the state is the President. The President is elected by the universal suffrage on 7-years term. The legislature is the two-chamber parliament. It consists of the Senate (47 seats - 7 are appointed by the President, in 2 from each area and Almaty, all Senators are elected on 6-years term) and Majlis (67 seats, the total number of Majlis together with " the party list " from 10 deputies makes 77 seats, all deputies are elected on 5-years term).


  • The climate is sharply continental. The average temperature in January is from -18C in the north up to -3C in the south, in July 19C in the north and 30C in the south. Annual precipitations are 300 mm in the north, less than 100 mm in the deserts and up to 1 600 mm in the mountains.


  • In 1995 the government of Kazakhstan and the government of Russia concluded a treaty, on which Baikanur and the bordering territories by the area of 6 thousand sq. km were rented to Russia for 20 years.

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