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General date  
Capital: Pyongyang.
Area: 120,54 thousand sq. km.
Population: 21 386 thousand people.
Admin. division: 9 provinces and
3 cities of the central submission.
Language: The official language is Korean.
Currency: Won.
Large cities: Chhonjin , Haeju, Hambung,
Kimchaek, Kosong, Wonsan.
Geographical position:
  • Democratic People's Republic of Korea is the state in the East Asia, occupying the northern part of the Korean peninsula and adjoining part of the continent. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea borders by China and Russia in the north, by the Korea Republic in the south; it is washed by waters of the Japan Sea in the east, by the Yellow Sea in the west.

State system:

  • The head of the state is the President. The legislature is the one-chamber Supreme National Assembly.


  • The climate is moderate and rather severe. The seasonal distinctions are shown very sharply. The cold continental air brings dry, clear and cold weather in winter; the circulation of the oceanic air masses bringing the plentiful moisture defines the weather in summer.


  • Korea is the country of the ancient, original history and rich culture. The Korean peninsula was populated already in paleolith. The age of the paleolithic site opened in the Komyn-meru cave (not far from Pyongyang), is defined in the 400-500 thousand years. Korea is the mountainous country. The North-Korean mountains occupying the China territory consist of the plateaus group and mountain ridges which average height is 1500 m (the highest point is the Pectusan volcano 2750m). The slopes and tops of mountains (up to 2000 m) are covered with mainly coniferous woods and larch; the top mountain ridges occupy the Subalpine and Alpine meadows.

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