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General date  
Capital: Kishinev.
Area: 33 843 sq. km.
Population: 4 430 654 people.
Admin. division: 10 districts,
1 municipality (Kishinev),
1 independent territorial area (Gagauziya).
Language: Moldavian.
Currency: Moldavian leu.
Large cities: Rybnitsa, Beltsy, Tiraspol.
Geographical position:
  • Moldova is the state in the East Europe. A surface of Moldova is hilly plain; the most raised part is height of Kodra (the highest point is 429 m).

State system:

  • The head of the state is president. President is elected by universal suffrage for 4-year period. Legislature is one-chamber parliament (101 places; deputies are elected by universal suffrage for 4-year period).


  • Climate is moderate continental. Average temperatures in July vary from 190 C up to 220 C in the south, in January vary from -50 C up to -30 C. Deposits drop out from 400 mm. per year in the South, up to 560 mm. per year in the North.


  • The Republic of Moldova is known all over the world as the manufacturer of wines. Wide assortment of wines is made in Moldova, including sparkling wine and brandy.

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