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General date  
Capital: Bucharest.
Area: 237 500 sq. km.
Population: 22 411 121 persons.
Admin. division: Republic consisting of 40 districts.
Language: State language is Romanian.
Currency: Leu (100 bani).
Large cities: Craiova, Constanta, Brashov,
Breila, Galatz, Mangalia,
Tulcea, Sulina.
Geographical position:
  • Romania is located in the south of Europe, in pool of the Bottom Danube. In the east it is washed by Black sea. Romania borders with Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria.

State system:

  • Head of the state is the president (he is elected by universal suffrage on 4-years term). Legislature is two-chamber parliament. It consists of the Senate (143 places are elected by direct universal suffrage on a proportional basis on 4-years term) and the Chamber of Deputies (343 places are elected by direct universal suffrage on a proportional basis on 4-years term).


  • Climate is moderate continental. On plains average temperatures of January are from 0C up to-5C, July from 20C up to 23C. Precipitations are 300 - 700 mm. per year (in mountains are up to 1 500 mm. per year).


  • Romania is situated in the south of Europe at coast of Black sea. This is one of liked places of rest of the European tourists from neighbouring countries: Austria, Poland, Hungary. Carpathian mountains is one of the most known winter resorts of the world. Here there is everything, that it is necessary for fans of productive leisure: network of excellent hotels and hotels, superb equipped mountain-skiing lines and schools for beginners.

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