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General date  
Capital: Bratislava.
Area: 49035 sq. km.
Population: About 5393000 people.
Admin. division: 4 areas.
Language: Official language is Slovak.
Czech is also spoken.
German, Hungarian, English
and Russian are also used.
Currency: Slovak crown: 100 SKK = 2.03406 USD.
Slovak crown = 100 hellers.
American dollar ~ 33 Slovak crowns,
1 DM ~ 21 Slovak crown.
Time: Time is -2 hours from Moscow.
Large cities: Koshitse, Martin,
Lucenec, Zilina.
Geographical position:
  • Slovak republic (shortcut is Slovakia) is located in the centre of Europe. In middle Slovakia near historical city of Kremnitsa there is a geographical centre of Europe - top of mountain Kragule. The area is 49 035 square kms. The borders are Hungary (679 kms), Poland (597,5 kms), Czechia (265kms), Austria (127,2kms), Ukraine (98kms) Slovakia is located between files Carpathian bend and wide current of the second greatest river of Europe - Danube, it has a hilly local relief. 29 % of territory - southern and east Slovakia - represents lowland local view (Zagorskaya, Pridunaiskaya and Vostochnoslovatskaya lowland), 71 % in the north is occupied by a hilly terrain of a moderate zone with mountain area of Carpathian mountains.

State system:

  • Republic. The head of the state is the president. The president is elected by universal suffrage on 5-years term. Legislature is one-chamber National Council of Slovak Republic (150 places, deputies are elected on the basis of proportional representation on 4-years term).


  • Moderate - continental with expressive alternation of four seasons. Average temperature in the winter is 2 C, in the summer is 21 C. The coldest month is January, the warmest are July and August. On most high places snow keeps 130 days in year.


  • This small Central European country is the real miracle. Fine mountains and valleys, rivers and woods, magic ancient small towns and romantic knightly castle. Slovakia is not only the country of fine landscapes and sights. It is the country of health and sports. Here there are a lot of resorts of a world class. Curative sources, vivifying air and the supermodern equipment.

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