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General date  
Capital: Kiev (3 mln. people).
Area: 603,7 thousand sq. km.
Population: 501251000 people.
Ukrainian - 74%, Russian - 21%
and other nationalities.
Admin. division: 24 districts,
1 Autonomous Republic (Crimea),
2 cities with the right of region (Kiev & Sevastopol).
Language: Ukrainian.
Currency: Hryvnia.
Time: The time on Ukraine at one hour
lags behind the Moscow time.
Large cities: Kharkov (1800 thousand people),
Dnepropetrovsk (1300 thousand people),
Odessa (1200 thousand people), Donetsk (1150 thousand people),
Lvov (900 thousand people), Zaporozhie (850 thousand people),
Krivoy Rog (750 thousand people), Mariupol (550 thousand people),
Lugansk (500 thousand people).
Geographical position:
  • The country is situated in Eastern Europe. The country borders by Belarus, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova. It is washed by the Black Sea on the south.

State system:

  • The form of board is the republic. The head of the state is the President elected for 5 years. The head of the government is the Prime-minister. Superior legislature is parliament.


  • Moderate, continental, on the south coast of Crimea climate is subtropical Mediterranean. Average-annual temperature is +9C.

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