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General date  
Capital: Hanoi.
Area: 332 thousand sq. km.
Population: 76236200 people.
Admin. division: 58 provinces and 3 municipalities.
Language: Vietnamese (official), French, English, Khmer, Chinese.
Currency: Dong. 
Large cities: Ho Shi Minh, Haiphong, Da Nang, Can Tho.
Geographical position:
  • Socialist Republic Vietnam is the state in Southeast Asia, occupies the eastern and southern part of the Indochinese peninsula. In the north it borders by China, in the west - with Laos and Cambodia, from the east and the south it is washed by the South China sea. Besides a continental part, Kon Dao & Fucok islands concern to Vietnam. The Country of mountains and plateaus was stretched more than on 1750 kms from the north to the south on coast of the South China sea. The configuration of territory is very original - it is similar to a huge letter S. Vietnamese like to compare the country with two baskets of rice, hanging on shoulder-yoke. "Baskets" is more expanded northern (Bacbo) and southern (Nambo) parts of the country, "Yoke" is connecting them a narrow strip of Central Vietnam (Chungbo).

State system:

  • Vietnam is the country with the communistic government. The head of the state is the president. The legislature is one-chamber National Assembly


  • Climate is tropical,  monsoonal. Annual precipations are 1500-3000 mm. Average temperatures in the south vary a little, in the North from 15C in January up to 28C in July; in mountains it is cooler. Typhoons, flooding are frequent in autumn. 40% of territory is covered with tropical woods.


  • The biggest city of Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh (former Saigon). Its population exceeds 4,2 million people. The city was constructed as the port and economic centre of the French Indochina and has substantially kept the colour of old east city. Other large city, the industrial and transport unit, a large river port is a capital of Vietnam - Hanoi (the population is more than 2,1 million people). Hanoi is called the green city, because its streets are similar to park avenues. There are over 400 temples and pagodas here. The tiny "Pagoda on one column" is most known. The city is attractive to tourists also for exotic and cheap east kitchen. In Hanoi at any restaurant they may offer the infinite list of dishes from meat of a turtle, etc. Gourmets prefer meat of poisonous snakes.

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