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Status: In-progress

International Linear Collider:
Accelerator Physics and Engineering

Leader:     G.D. Shirkov
Deputies:     G.V. Trubnikov
E.M. Syresin

Participating Countries, Institutes and International organizations:
Armenia, Bulgaria, CERN, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, Slovac Republic United Kingdom, USA.

Scientific Programme:
R&D works in particle accelerator physics and engineering, construction of the free electron laser with the aim to prepare proposals for the project of JINR participation in international collaboration on construction of the International Linear Collider (ILC).

Expected main results in 2011:
List of projects:
  Project Leader Priority
(period of realisation)
1. Preparation of proposals for JINR participation in design, manufacturing and testing of the prototypes of linear collider elements G.D. Shirkov
G.V. Trubnikov
1   (2007-2012)

List of Activities
  Activity or Experiment Leader
      Laboratory       Responsible
Leading Researchers
and number of participants
1. Construction of photoinjector prototype G.V. Trubnikov
N.I. Balalykin
Technical Proposal
  DLNP A.G. Kobets + 3 pers.
  VBLHEP V.F. Minashkin + 3 pers.
V.G. Shabratov + 2 pers.
2. The LINAC-800 based test-
bench with electron beam
G.D. Shirkov
N.I. Balalykin
Technical Proposal
  VBLHEP V.V. Kobets + 3 pers.
V.F. Minashkin + 1 pers.
3. Metrological laser complex J.A. Budagov
G.A. Shelkov
V.V. Ivanov
Technical Proposal
  DLNP D.I. Hubua + 5 pers.
G.A. Chelkov + 5 pers.
4. Development of cryogenic modules of the 4-th generation: cryogenic and vacuum tests of an explosive welding Nb+SS jants, of Nb+Nb cavities new concept flange connection. Design works for 1-cell Nb-cavity production. J.A. Budagov
Technical Proposal
  DLNP A.K. Sukhanova
B.M. Sabirov
N. Azaryan
5. Development of the electron
cooling method
I.N. Meshkov
S.L. Yakovenko
Technical Proposal
  DLNP A.G. Kobets + 7 pers.
6. Commissioning of the LEPTA I.N. Meshkov
S.L. Yakovenko
Technical Proposal
  DLNP S.L. Yakovenko + 6 pers.
V.N. Pavlov
Yu.K. Akimov
Nguen Man Shat + 1 pers.
T.N. Mamedov + 2 pers.
7. Investigation on physics of
ion sources and beam dynamics
G.D. Shirkov
V.S. Alexandov
Technical Proposal
  VBLHEP V.S. Alexandrov + 3 pers.
V.F. Shevtsov
8. Development of diagnostic sys-
tems of ultra short bunches in
the linear accelerator
E.M. Syresin
Technical Proposal
  DLNP E.M. Syresin + 5 pers.
  VBLHEP O.I. Brovko
E.V. Ivanov
A.V. Shabunov + 3 pers.
9. Experimental study of coherent radiation E.M. Syresin
Technical Proposal
Data taking
  VBLHEP A.V. Shabunov + 3 pers.
  DLNP N.A. Morozov + 3 pers.
10. Construction of units for diagnostics of radiation
from X ray laser
O.I. Brovko
Technical Proposal
  VBLHEP A.V. Pilyar
  DLNP A.V. Shabunov + 3 pers.
E.M. Syresin + 3 pers.
11. Investigation on intense elect-
ron beams and FEL applied for extreme ultraviolet lithography
M.V. Yurkov
E.M. Syresin
  DLNP E.M. Syresin + 4 pers.

Country or international
City Institute or Laboratory
Armenia Yerevan YerPhI
Bulgaria Sofia INRNE BAS
CERN Geneva
Germany Darmstadt GSI
Dresden TU Dresden
Hamburg DESY
Frankfurt/Main Univ.
Julich FZJ
Zeuthen DESY
Greece Athens Univ.
India Indore RRCAT
Italy Catania INFN LNS
Frascati INFN LNF
Japan Chiba NIRS
Kyoto Kyoto Univ.
Tsukuba KEK
Poland Warsaw UW
Russia Moscow ITEP
Nizhny Novgorod IAP RAS
Novosibirsk BINP SB RAS
Troitsk INR RAS
United Kingdom Swansea Univ.
Slovak Republic Bratislava IEE SAS
Batavia, IL Fermilab

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