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Status: New

Development of the IBR-2M Reactor with a Complex of Cryogenic Neutron Moderators

Leaders:     A.V. Belushkin
A.V. Vinogradov

Participating Countries, Institutes and International organizations:
Argentina, Azerbaijan, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Japan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA.

Scientific Programme:
The theme main task is to increase the efficiency of use of the IBR-2M reactor at realization of the program of experimental investigations, maintenance of operational realibility and safety of the reactor, creation of a complex of cryogenic neutron moderators.

Expected main results in 2011:
List of Activities
  Activity or Experiment Leader
      Laboratory       Responsible
Leading Researchers
and number of participants
1. Carrying out of physical start-up and first power of the IBR-2M V.D. Ananiev
A.A. Dolgikh
  FLNP A.A. Belykov
S.A. Tsarenkov
V.G. Ermilov
S.V. Rudenko
Yu.N. Pepelyshev
V.A. Trepalin + 80 pers.
2. Acceptance of the IBR-2M for regular operation. V.D. Ananiev
A.V. Vinogradov
A.A. Dolgikh
  FLNP A.V. Vinogradov
A.A. Belyakov
Yu.N. Pepelyshev
V.A. Trepalin
S.V. Rudenko + 80 pers.
3. Installation and adjustment of cryogenic moderators for beams 7-11 and beams 2-3. Carrying out of tests in cryogenic mode. Beginning of physical experiments with cryogenic moderators. V.D. Ananiev
E.P. Shabalin
A.A. Belyakov
  FLNP A.A. Belykov
S.A. Kulikov
+ 30 pers.
4. Development and consruction of new radiation-monitoring system. A.V. Vinogradov
A.A. Dolgikh
  LRB S.V. Kulikov + 5 pers.

Country or international
City Institute or Laboratory
Argentina Buenos Aires CNEA
Azerbaijan Baku IRP ANAS
Democratic People's
Republic of Korea
Pyongyang IFR SCNR
Japan Sapporo Hokkaido Univ.
Poland Krakow AGH
Russia Moscow NIKIET
Spain Valencia UPV
Ukraine Kiev INR NASU
United Kingdom Didcot RAL
USA Indianapolis, IN IUPUI

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