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Status: Approved for completion
in 2011

Novel Development and Creation of Equipment for the IBR-2M Spectrometer Complex

Leaders:     S.A. Kulikov
V.I. Prikhodko

Participating Countries, Institutes and International organizations:
Armenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic, Ukraine.

Scientific Programme:
Calculation, research and development of moderator complex and elements of spectrometers of the IBR-2M reactor.

Research, development, manufacturing of prototypes and working models of perspective neutron detectors.

Development and creation of new generation of data acquisition and experiment control systems for the IBR-2M spectrometer complex.

Development of new sample environment systems including cryostats and cryomagnetic systems and beam forming systems for the IBR-2 spectrometer complex.

Development of the FLNP computing infrastructure.

Expected main results in 2011:
List of Activities
  Activity or Experiment Leader
      Laboratory       Responsible
Leading Researchers
and number of participants
1. Calculation of neutron spectrometers from
a moderator to a sample
S.A. Kulikov
  FLNP E.P. Shabalin
S.A. Manoshin
+ 2 pers.
2. Creation and investigation
work of a new complex
of moderators for
the IBR-2M reactor
S.A. Kulikov
E.P. Shabalin
  FLNP E.N. Kulagin + 12 pers.
3. Reconstruction of neutron
guide for beam 7a
of the IBR-2M reactor
A.V. Belushkin
A. Schilling
  FLNP V.V. Zhuravlev
A.P. Sirotin
Ch. Chernikov
K. Scheffzuek
+ 2 pers.
4. Organization of methodical
work at beam 13
of the IBR-2M reactor
V.N. Shvetsov
  FLNP A.N. Chernokov
S.A. Kulikov
V.V. Zhuravlev
+ 5 pers.
5. Gas position-sensitive detectors
for the IBR-2M spectrometers
A.V. Belushkin
  FLNP V.N. Shvetsov
A.A. Bogdzel
F.V. Levtchanovski
V.I. Prikhodko
A.V. Churakov
V.V. Zhuravlev
+ 7 pers.
6. Creation of elements
of Fourier-diffractometer FSD
(detector ASTRA, testing
machine, electronics
of correlation analysis
with storage of raw data)
A.M. Balagurov
  FLNP G.D. Bokuchava
V.V. Zhuravlev
V.V. Zhuk
+2 pers.
7. Development of new data
acquisition systems
for the IBR-2M
spectrometer complex
and the FLNP information
and computing infrastructure
V.I. Prikhodko
  FLNP A.A. Bogdzel + 2 pers.
F.V. Levtchanovski + 3 pers.
A.S. Kurilin + 6 pers.
G.A. Sukhomlinov + 5 pers.
8. Development of control systems
of spectrometer equipment and
sample environment systems at
the IBR-2 reactor
A.P. Sirotin
  FLNP V.V. Zhuravlev + 10 pers.
A.N. Chernikov + 6 pers.
9. Construction of cryostats A.N. Chernikov
  FLNP A.P. Buzdavin
V.V. Zhuravlev
+ 3 pers.

Country or international
City Institute or Laboratory
Armenia Yerevan YSU
Bulgaria Sofia INRNE BAS
Czech Republic Rez NPI ASCR
Democratic People's
Republic of Korea
Pyongyang IFR SCNR
France Grenoble ILL
Saclay LLB
Germany Berlin HZB
Heidelberg Univ.
Julich FZJ
Magdeburg OvGU
Munich TUM
Zeuthen DESY
Hungary Budapest KFKI RMKI
Latvia Riga ISSP UL
Romania Bucharest INCDIE ICPE-CA
Targoviste UVT
Russia Moscow MEPhI
Gatchina PNPI RAS
Nizhny Novgorod IPM RAS
Obninsk Branch KIPC
Troitsk INR RAS
Yekaterinburg IMP UB RAS
Slovak Republic Bratislava IMS SAS
Ukraine L'viv LPNU

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