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Status: In-progress

Development of the IBR-2 Facility
with a Complex of Cryogenic Neutron Moderators

Leaders:     A.V. Belushkin
A.V. Vinogradov

Participating Countries, Institutes and International organizations:
Argentina, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Czech Republic, Japan, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, USA.

Scientific Programme:
The theme main task is to increase the efficiency of use of the IBR-2 facility at realization of the program of experimental investigations, maintenance of operational reliability and safety of the reactor, creation of a complex of cryogenic neutron moderators.

Expected main results in 2015:
List of projects:
  Project Leader Priority
(period of realisation)
1. Construction of a Complex of Cryogenic
Moderators at the IBR-2 Facility
A.A. Belyakov 1   (2014-2016)

List of activities
  Activity or experiment Leaders
  Laboratory or other
Division of JINR
Main researchers
1. Regular operation
of the IBR-2 facility
A.V. Dolgikh
A.V. Vinogradov
  FLNP A.A. Belykov, S.A. Tsarenkov, V.G. Ermilov,
S.V. Rudenko, Yu.N. Pepelyshev, V.A. Trepalin
+ 30 engineers, + 50 workers
2. Maintenance of the program
of physical investigations
V.D. Ananiev
A.V. Vinogradov
A.V. Dolgikh
  FLNP A.A. Belyakov, Yu.N. Pepelyshev, V.A. Trepalin,
S.V. Rudenko + 30 engineers, + 50 workers
3. Construction of a stand of the cryogenic moderator CM201. Development of a project, production and installation of the new cryogenic moderator CM201 on its regular place (with an extension of work to 2017). Improvement and completion of the project of the cryogenic moderator CM203 with due regard to the results obtained at the physical start-up of CM202. Purchase and installation of a new refrigerator on its regular place A.A. Belyakov
K.A. Mukhin
  FLNP V.D. Ananiev, S.A. Kulikov, E.P. Shabalin + 15 engineers,
+ 15 workers
4. Development and manufacturing of a reserve movable reflector MR-3R A.V. Vinogradov
A.V. Dolgikh
  LRB A.A. Belyakov, V.D. Ananiev + 5 engineers, + 5 workers
5. Step-by-step replacement and upgrade of the basic technological and electrical equipment A.V. Vinogradov
A.V. Dolgikh
  LRB A.A. Belyakov, A.V. Trepalin + 30 engineers, + 50 workers

Country or International
City Institute or Laboratory
Argentina Buenos Aires CNEA
Azerbaijan Baku IRP ANAS
Belarus Minsk JIPNR-Sosny NASB
Czech Republic Rez UJV
Japan Sapporo Hokkaido Univ.
Osaka ISIR
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar MUST
Poland Krakow AGH
Romania Bucharest IFIN-HH
Russia Moscow NIKIET
Spain Valencia UPV
United Kingdom Didcot RAL
USA Indianapolis, IN IUPUI

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