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Status: Extended

Strangeness in Hadronic Matter and Study of Inelastic Reactions Near Kinematical Borders

Leaders:     E.A. Strokovsky
E.S. Kokoulina
D.O. Krivenkov

Participating Countries and International Organizations:
Belarus, Czech Republic, Japan, Russia, Ukraine.

Scientific Programme:
Strangeness in hadronic matter and study of boundary effects:
study of stabilizing effects of strangeness in nuclear matter and properties of the lightest hypernuclei;
study of multi-particle dynamics in inelastic proton-proton and proton-nucleus interactions with extremally high multiplicity;
    Expected results:
  • Experimental conclusion about existence of the hypernucleus 6.

  • New experimental data on properties of the lightest hypernuclei and experimental verification of corresponding theoretical models for such hypernuclei.

  • New experimental data about the drip-line location for loosely bound light hypernuclei with high neutron excess. Development of theory of the neutron-rich hypernuclei and models of their production in non-central nucleus-nucleus interactions.

  • Comparison of the energy spectra (in the region of several MeV) of protons, emitted in interactions with nuclear targets of various (from deuterons to heavy nuclei) nuclear beams from the Nuclotron and measured at different multiplicity of charged and neutral particles as well as at different emission angles of such photons, with theoretical predictions. Verification of various physical hypotheses about emission of the "direct" photons in nuclei-nuclei interactions.

  • Experimental estimation (or determination of upper limit) of cross sections for production of new hypothetical resonances, decaying via 2gamma mode.

Expected main results in 2018:
  • Analysis of the first experimental data for the hypernucleus 6 search and measurements of the hyper-hydrogen isotopes 6 and 4 lifetimes.

  • Upgrade of the tracking system of the HyperNIS magnetic spectrometer by installing additional planes of micro-strip detectors.

  • Analysis of data from LEPS spectormeter on vector-meson photoproduction by polarized photons.

  • Monte-Carlo simulation of performance of the 2-arm electromagnetic calorimeter ("shashlyk"-type, 100 modules) with a pre-shower detector, to be installed in the BM@N setup. Production of the necessary FE-electronics with low gamma-detection threshold (~ 5-8 MeV) for this calorimeter.

  • Production of the pre-shower and a movable support for the EM-calorimeter (with 100 modules) for their integration into the BM@N setup. Calibration of the EM modules at low energy beams of electron accelerators (LNP of JINR, INR RAS (Troitsk)).

  • Preparation of the experiment NEMAN project aimed on study of photon emission in non-central collisions of relativistic (with kinetic energies above 1 GeV/nucleon) light and heavy nuclei with nuclei at the BM@N setup.

List of projects:
  Project Leader Priority
(period of realisation)
1. HyperNIS E.A. Strokovsky 1   (2010-2018)

List of Activities
  Activity or Experiment Leaders
  Laboratory or other
Division of JINR
Responsible person
Main researchers
1. Experiment NIS-GIBS E.A. Strokovsky
J. Lukstins
D.O. Krivenkov
Data taking
  VBLHEP V.D. Aksinenko, R.A. Salmin, A.N. Bayeva, S.N. Bazylev, P.A. Rukoyatkin, A.A. Feschenko, S.N. Plyashkevich, Yu.T. Borzunov, A.I. Maksimchuk, V.B. Chumakov, O.V. Okhrimenko, S.A. Avramenko, M.H. Anikina, A.V. Averiyanov, A.M. Korotkova, N.G. Parfenova, S.V. Gertsenberger, V.B. Dunin , A.V. Konstantinov, A.E. Baskakov, D.V. Dementiev, A.A. Fedyunin, V.T. Matyushin, Yu.A. Murin, A.V. Shipunov, M.O. Shitenkov, A.D. Sheremetiev, A.V. Shutov, N.A. Shutova, V.M. Slepnev, A.L. Voronin
  DLNP V.V. Tereschenko, S.V. Tereschenko, N.V. Atanov, B.A. Popov
  OCE A.N. Parfenov
2. Experiment NEMAN E.S. Kokoulina
V.A. Nikitin
Project preparation
Data taking
  VBLHEP V.I. Kireev, V.V. Avdeychikov, V.P. Balandin, I.A. Rufanov, M.V. Tokarev, Yu.P. Petukhov, A.I. Yukaev, N.K. Zhidkov, V.B. Dunin, I.S.Mironov, Yu.T. Borzunov, N.A. Kuzmin, A.V. Konstantinov, V.A. Zykunov, G.S. Pokatashkin, O.P. Gavrischuk, V.A. Nikitin, V.A. Pavlyukevich
  BLTP Yu.A. Bystritsky

Country or International
City Institute or Laboratory
Belarus Minsk BSUIR
Gomel GSTU
Czech Republic Prague CTU
Japan Osaka RCNP
Russia Moscow SINP MSU
Protvino IHEP
Syktyvkar DM Komi SC UrB RAS
Slovakia Banska Bistrica UMB
Ukraine Kiev BITP NASU

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