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Computer programs in physics and physical chemistry

2. Atomic Physics

2.1 Structure and Properties

ADJZ RSCFHF AND RFCHF (Fortran, 5067 lines).
Two-program package to calculate the ground and excited state wave functions in the Hartree-Fock-Dirac approximation. L.V. Chernysheva, V.L. Yakhontov. 119(1999)232

2.3 Experimental Analysis

ADKR EMI2 (Fortran, 1514 lines).
EMI2, the counting efficiency for electron capture by a KL1L2L3M model. A. Grau Malonda, A. Grau Carles, P. Grau Carles, G. Galiano Casas. Other version: ACPU, 79(1994)115. 123(1999)114

2.5 Photon Interactions

ADKO fnodipol (Matlab, 311 lines).
Procedures for the evaluation of atomic transition matrix elements in the interaction with laser light. L.B. Madsen, J.P. Hansen, H.M. Nilsen. 120(1999)231

2.7 Wave Functions and Integrals

ADKO fnodipol (Matlab, 311 lines).
Procedures for the evaluation of atomic transition matrix elements in the interaction with laser light. L.B. Madsen, J.P. Hansen, H.M. Nilsen. 120(1999)231

4. Computational Methods

4.1 Angular Momentum Coupling Coefficients

ADKL 369j (Fortran, 1450 lines).
Unified approach for exact calculation of angular momentum coupling and recoupling coefficients. L. Wei. Non-profit use licence required. 120(1999)222

4.2 Other Algebras and Groups

ADKG PGSG (Fortran, 16209 lines).
Program packages for point groups and space groups with subgroup chain symmetry adaptation. J.-L. Ping, J.-Q. Chen. Other version: ABHE, 52(1989)355. 120(1999)71

4.3 Differential Equations

ADJT ODEred (C, 3262 lines).
Regular order reductions of ordinary and delay-differential equations. J.M. Aguirregabiria, Ll. Bel, A. Hernandez, M. Rivas. 116(1999)95
ADJX QPSI (Maple, 3043 lines).
[QPSI] a MAPLE package for the determination of quasi-polynomial symmetries and invariants of ODEs system. T.M. Rocha Filho, A. Figueiredo, L. Brenig. 117(1999)263
ADJV SLCPM12 (Fortran, 1984 lines).
SLCPM12, a program for solving regular Sturm-Liouville problems. L.Gr. Ixaru, H. De Meyer, G. Vanden Berghe. 118(1999)259
ADKH Ndynamics (Maple, C, 74683 lines).
Numerical analysis of dynamical systems and the fractal dimension of boundaries. L.G.S. Duarte, L.A.C.P. da Mota, H.P. de Oliveira, R.O. Ramos, J.E.F. Skea. 119(1999)256

4.7 Other Functions

ADJY ELF, GNOME (Fortran, 336 lines).
ELF and GNOME: two tiny codes to evaluate the real zeros of the Bessel functions of the first kind for real orders. J. Segura, A. Gil. 117(1999)250

5. Computer Algebra

ADJW BORN (Maple, 969 lines).
Analytic first Born atomic scattering: a computer algebra solution using Maple V. A.J. Blackett, A.T. Stelbovics. 116(1999)78
ADJP GeneralVectorAnalysis (Mathematica, 1171 lines).
Symbolic vector analysis in plasma physics. H. Qin, W.M. Tang, G. Rewoldt. 116(1999)107

7. Condensed Matter and Surface Science

7.3 Electronic Structure

ADKA fhi98PP (Fortran, 145847 lines).
Ab initio pseudopotentials for electronic structure calculations of poly- atomic systems using density-functional theory. M. Fuchs, M. Scheffler. 119(1999)67

7.7 Other Condensed Matter, inc Simulation of Liquids and Solids

ADJU GenPol (Fortran, 7181 lines).
Efficient hybrid algorithm for the dynamic creation of wormlike chains in solutions, brushes, melts and glasses. M. Kroger. Non-profit use licence required. 118(1999)278

7.8 Structure and Lattice Dynamics

ADKP mdprs (Fortran, 2163 lines).
A high performance Fortran implementation of a tight-binding molecular dynamics simulation. B. Di Martino, M. Celino, V. Rosato. 120(1999)255

7.9 Transport Properties

ADKI KUBO (Fortran, 676 lines).
Computational implementation of the Kubo formula for the static conductance: application to two-dimensional quantum dots. J.A. Verges. 118(1999)71

11. Elementary Particle Physics

11.2 Phase Space and Event Simulation

ADJN LUCIAE version 3 (Fortran, 48859 lines).
LUCIAE 3.0: A new version of a computer program for Firecracker Model and rescattering in relativistic heavy-ion collisions. Tai An, Sa Ben-Hao. Other version: ADBS, 90(1995)121. 116(1999)353
ADKD ERATO-LQ (Fortran, 7568 lines).
Single leptoquark production at high-energy e+e- colliders. C.G. Papadopoulos. 118(1999)81
ADKC JetViP 1.1 (Fortran, 26623 lines).
JetViP 1.1: Calculating one- and two-jet cross sections with virtual photons in NLO QCD. B. Potter. 119(1999)45
ADKJ KoralW, version 1.42 (Fortran, 564419 lines ).
Monte Carlo program KoralW 1.42 for all four-fermion final states in e+e- collisions. S. Jadach, W. Placzek, M. Skrzypek, B.F.L. Ward, Z. Was. Other version: ADCT, 94(1996)216. 119(1999)272

11.5 Quantum Chromodynamics, Lattice Gauge Theory

ADIR TOPAZ0 4.0 (Fortran, 15670 lines).
TOPAZ0 4.0 - A new version of a computer program for evaluation of de- convoluted and realistic observables at LEP 1 and LEP 2. G. Montagna, O. Nicrosini, F. Piccinini, G. Passarino. Other versions: ACNT, 76(1993)328, ADCQ, 93(1996)120. 117(1999)278
QCD evolution equations: numerical algorithms from the Laguerre expansion. C. Coriano, C. Savkli. 118(1999)236

11.6 Phenomenological and Empirical Models and Theories

ADKK LDC version 1.0 (C++, Fortran, 51776 lines)
LDCMC version 1.0. H. Kharraziha, L. Lonnblad. 123(1999)153

11.10 Accelerators and Particle Beams

ADKE tomo_v1 (Fortran, 34232 lines).
Tomographic measurements of longitudinal phase space density. S. Hancock, M. Lindroos, E. McIntosh, M. Metcalf. Distribution format: uuencoded compressed tar file 118(1999)61

12. Gases and Fluids

ADIU RCIP (Fortran, 1700 lines).
An oscillation suppressing semi-Lagrangian solver for advection equation. F. Xiao, T. Yabe, T. Ebisuzaki. 116(1999)121

17. Nuclear Physics

17.6 Experimental Analysis - Activity Detection

ADKB PATHS5 (Fortran, 1178 lines).
Computing the atomic rearrangement pathways for pure electron nuclides capture by a five-shell model. G. Galiano. 117(1999)273

17.7 Experimental Analysis - Fission, Fusion, Heavy-ion

ADKM CCFULL (Fortran, 3073 lines).
A program for coupled-channels calculations with all order couplings for heavy-ion fusion reactions. K. Hagino, N. Rowley, A.T. Kruppa. 123(1999)143

17.13 Coulomb Excitation, Electron Scattering

ADJO RELEX (Fortran, 1405 lines).
A computer program for relativistic multiple Coulomb and nuclear excitation. C.A. Bertulani. 116(1999)345

17.20 Collective Model

ADKF BARRIER (Fortran, 8721 lines).
BARRIER code: calculation of fission barriers. F. Garcia, O. Rodriguez, J. Mesa, J.D.T. Arruda-Neto, V.P. Likhachev, E. Garrote, R. Capote, F. Guzman. 120(1999)57

19. Plasma Physics

19.3 Collisionless Plasmas

ADJQ vl1dper (Fortran, 597 lines).
Numerical solution to Vlasov equation: the 1D code. E. Fijalkow. 116(1999)329
ADJR vl2dper (Fortran, 1249 lines).
Numerical solution to Vlasov equation: the 2D code. E. Fijalkow. 116(1999)336

19.10 Magnetohydrodynamics

ADJP GeneralVectorAnalysis (Mathematica, 1171 lines).
Symbolic vector analysis in plasma physics. H. Qin, W.M. Tang, G. Rewoldt. 116(1999)107

19.11 Transport

ADKN SPATS (C++, 7156 lines).
Monte Carlo simulations of the transport of sputtered particles. K. Macak, P. Macak, U. Helmersson. 120(1999)238

23. Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics

ADKQ kb (Fortran, 1432 lines).
A Fortran code for solving the Kadanoff-Baym equations for a homogeneous fermion system. H.S. Kohler, N.H. Kwong, H.A. Yousif. 123(1999)123