3DFEMMesh - program for automatic generation of three-dimensional Mesh

Authors: P.G.Akishin, A.A.Sapozhnikov
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While projecting and operating different physical machines a necessity of learning the distribution of oscillated electromagnetic fields appears. Taking into account magnetic systems high costs computer simulation becomes one of the most usable tools for this purpose.

The finite elements method [1] is the most effective mathematical method for digitization linear and nonlinear equations and for description of complex geometry of dividing area.

In general, usage of the finite elements mesh generator is not restricted by only physical issues. Numerical methods and finite elements method in particular are also wildly used in machine building, medicine, geology, cartography spheres and others.

Using finite elements method implies previously built mesh that is some topological multitude of points bounded among themselves by segments of straight lines, thus source area splits to a number of definite shaped elements. Geometrical simplexes as triangles in two-dimensional cases and tetrahedrons in three-dimensional cases are typically used as mesh elements. Those are the most prevalent mesh fragments. Mesh generating using other geometrical figures as quadrangles, prisms, hexahedrons, etc. is possible as well.

Nowadays mesh generating has become a separate special knowledge area in spite of that is only one of the stages of the numerical method. The reason is that the generating is connected with the method indirectly, through requirements for final elements. Moreover, mesh generating process is extremely laborious and requires fair effort of both human and machine. Computer technology development has promoted a great progress achieved in mesh generating sphere.

Work [2] contains the description of the algorithm that is based on the presentation of calculating area in the form of standard macro elements combination with further generation of two-dimensional mesh on their borders and producing three-dimensional mesh in each macro element individually. 3DFEMMesh generator is created on the base of that method.

The program can be used within Microsoft operating system, has a user-friendly graphic interface for data input and visual mesh quality control and calculates a number of criteria of final triangulation quality.

Program and data for the mesh generator work demonstration and detailed description (in Russian, format .pdf) are submitted.


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  2. П.Г.Акишин, А.А.Сапожников. Автоматическая генерация трёхмерных сеток. P11-2015-58, ОИЯИ, Дубна, 2015.

The investigation has been performed at the Laboratory of Information Technologies JINR.

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