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Separately  distributed  programs  JINRLIB

4 - Low energy theoretical physics

DFM-POT Program for calculation of the double folding nucleus-nucleus potential
DFM-POTM Parallel calculation of the double folding nucleus-nucleus potential
HEA-CRS,HEA-TOTAL Calculation of cross-sections and potentials of nucleus-nucleus interactions in the framework of the high energy approximation

7 - Heavy ion physics

DOSE Program for calculation of the radial distribution of dose in the neighbourghood of the track of an accelerated ion
TEION-C Program for calculation of charged particle energy loss and its range in a target matter

9 - Accelerators

EORP 2020 Equilibrium Orbit Research Program
LATTICE Program for calculation of parameters of targets with heterogeneous (lattice) structure

10 - Automatization of data processing

BiCubic The UBC approximation library
BioDosimetry Program for radiation dose estimation
FITTER Fit a chosen theoretical multi-parameter function through a set of data points
FITTER_WEB A program for fitting data obtained on a small-angle neutron scattering spectrometer, implemented as a Web application
Gluplot The Gluplot Plotting Package
HTL Template library for one-dimensional histograms
MaVi Visualization program for matrix data
PatternAnalizer Long-range correlations detection using wavelet analysis
PSD2SAS Data converter for position-sensitive detector of small-angle neutron scattering spectrometer in isotropic pattern scattering case
RC Template kit for runtime configuration management
RFit Ring Fitter for RICH
SAS Package for small-angle neutron scattering data treatment
SKAT2MAUD Software designed to convert standard datafiles of different neutron diffraction instruments
TROPICS Trajectory of Particle In a Crystal Simulator
WALF Wavelet Analysis Using Lifting for Data Filtering package
WASP Wavelet Analysis of Secondary Particles angular distributions

11 - Computing mathematics and technique

3DFEMMesh Program for automatic generation of three-dimensional Mesh
ASYMPT A program for calculating asymptotics of hyperspherical potential curves and adiabatic potentials
BIBasis Package for computing Boolean involutive and Gröbner bases REDUCE and Macaulay2 computer algebra systems
Clebsch2 Calculation of simple kind for Clebsch-Gordan coefficient. Parallel version
COBRAM Mathematical Modelling of the Magnetic System by A.N.Tikhonov Regularization Method
CONTIN-NLIN Program complex for numerical continuation
CREATE-JINRLIB-ENTRY Standard "JINRLIB" entry creator
CTLOOK Viewer for magnetic tapes written by CDC-6600 computer
DISCAPESM On Numerical Solution of Direct and Inverse Scattering Problems for Spherically Symmetric Potentials Depending on Parameters
F2F-technology Reengineering technology for automation building of distributed computational systems from standalone-made Fortran-written programs
FUMILIM Modification of the FUMILI Minimization Package. In memory of Prof. I.N.Silin
FUNINT Calculation of functional integrals from the real functionals of the integral and exponential form
GaussDLL Program complex of matrix-vector operations and solution of SLAE with real coefficients
GITA A REDUCE program for the normalization of polynomial Hamiltonians
GridCom Grid Commander: the graphic interface for work with tasks and data in Grid
H-Utils H-Utils package
INQSIM A program for converting PI-type fully symmetric quadrature rules on 2-,..., 6-simplexes from compact to expanded forms
KANTBP A program package for solution of two-dimensional discrete and continuum spectra boundary-value problems in Kantorovich (adiabatic) approach
LIE Programs for study of noncommutative and nonassociative structures in problems of mathematical physics
LINA01 A REDUCE program for the normalization of polynomial Hamiltonians
MATPROG Solution of three-diagonal algebraic system of vector equations
MINUIT Parallel version of MINUIT program - minimization of a multi-parameter function
NINE Program for the numerical solution of the boundary problems for nonlinear differential equation on the basis of CANM
NXV4 Flash algorithms in polymorphic C++
(part of a larger effort of building a Scientific Software Library)
OPEM2 Orthonormal polynomial expansion method in two dimensions and its realization in fortran package OPEM2
PFUMILI The second experience of large computational programs parallelization. Parallel version of FUMILI Program
PIPES A software complex for solving the inverse parametric problem of Schroedinger equation
PROGON4 Solution of the boundary problem for the ordinary differential equation
PROGS2H4 Program for solving the boundary problem for the system of differential equations
RK4-MPI Parallel implementation of the numerical solution of the Cauchy problem by the 4-order Runge-Kutta method using MPI technology
RXCONVERT Microsoft Windows dialog-based application for graphics files conversion
SCATTERH6 The calculations for a phase shift and wave functions of the Schroedinger equations for a one-dimensional scattering problem
SIR-model The simplest epidemic process model
SLIP Programs of the numerical solution of the Sturm-Liouville problem
SLIPH4M A MAPLE program for numerical solution of the Sturm-Liouville problem
SLIPM A MAPLE Package for Numerical Solution of Sturm-Liouville Partial Problems Based on the Continuous Analog of Newton's Method
SMART Multidimensional integration routine using adaptive Monte Carlo method
SNIDE Program complex for solving the eigenvalue problem for integro-differential equation on the basis of CANM
Split Parallel implementation of the numerical solution of a system of algebraic equations with a tridiagonal matrix using the partition algorithm and the MPI technique
SYSINT Program complex for the numerical solution of the eigenvalue problem for the system of integral equations
TF_LOOK Text files viewer and recoder
TIME6T Program complex for the numerical solutions of the Cauchy problem for the time-dependent Schroedinger equation
TPIKL The program for the numerical solution of the system of equations for the thermal spike model using the method of alternating directions
TRANSPORTNEW Continuous analogue of Newton method in beam dynamics problems
UFF2UFF Unformatted data files convertor
WhoIsWho Recognition network IP-address of arbitrary computer using its symbolic name and vice versa
ZHYPG2 Calculation of the hypergeometric functions 2F1(a,2;c,z) with complex parameters and complex argument
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