GridCom - the graphic interface for work with tasks and data in GRID

Author: V.V.Galaktionov
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Language: Java

GridCom – Grid Commander – the software package for maintenance of automation of access to means of distributed system Grid (to tasks and data). Last version GridCom 2.1 ensures functioning with software LCG (LHC Grid Computing) – middleware gLite 3.1.

Software package GridCom consists from two component:

1. Graphic client part, actually GridCom which is executed in the form of Java applets and the Java-application At the user computer it is necessary to install a Java package (,
2. Executive part Lexor (gLite Executor), which is started in user mode on UI (User Interface) computer providing performance of Grid-operations.

Functionally the package consists also of two parts:
1. Job Managemet (management of tasks) in which operations with Grid tasks are carried out:
• Task preparations in format JDL (Job Definition Language),
• Its editing,
• Submits its in WMS (Workload Management System),
• Checks of its states,
• Receptions of results of the account,
• Receptions of the additional state information.
2. Data Management (Data control) in which operations with files in Grid are carried out:
• download – loading of files from storehouse of data in Grid (SE, Storage Element) into local file system,
• upload – copying of files from local file system into SE,
• Operations with logic names of files in the LFC catalogue (operation lfc-*),
• Performance of the basic operations lcg-utils (creation, transformation, removal of files and them replications).
For the user it is required:
• The minimum knowledge of operational systems Linux and Windows,
• To have the general idea about architectural organization WLCG,
• To have access (Unix account) to Grid software (Grid UI),
• To have the user Grid certificate,
• To be registered in virtual organization of Grid.
• client program GridCom through the WEB-interface:,
• client program GridCom in Windows as Java application:
       - unpack package,
       - establish own DN in file GridCom.bat,
       - start GridCom.bat.
• executive program Lexor by the UI machine:
       export GC_LOC =/afs/

Programs are written in language Java, that in high degree provides their transportability on related infrastructures (OS Unix, databases). In packed package all programs GridCom are presented.

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