ROOT software package

ROOT - a package of object-oriented programs and libraries developed in the European nuclear research center. The package was designed specifically for use as experimental high-energy physics data processing platforms and contains products specific to this area, however, can also be used to analyze other data, for example, in astronomy. ROOT has a graphical user interface, container classes, C++ based scripting language, command interpreter (CINT), long-term data storage system.

Scientific tools and computer simulation generate enormous amounts of data. for the analysis and organization of which new scientific methods are required. Every year, data volumes are almost are doubled. Since new scientific instruments are extremely accurate, just as quickly data quality is improving. To analyze this data in order to find the subtle effects missed in previous studies, algorithms are required that can simultaneously work with huge data sets and detect very subtle effects. Currently ROOT has become almost a standard software for modern accelerator experiments.

Packages included in ROOT contain: