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The main materials of the issue (No 35 of 15.09.22):

Meeting with Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Egypt
On 1 September, in Cairo, as part of the events dedicated to the preparation for the visiting sessions of the JINR Finance Committee and the Committee of Plenipotentiaries, Dmitry Kamanin, Head of the International Cooperation Department, met with Professor Mohamed Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The meeting was also attended by Mahmoud Sakr, President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, and Gina El-Feky, Acting Vice President of the Academy. The parties focused on the development of scientific cooperation and training of highly qualified staff.

JINR received unique isotopes
Unique samples of Zr-96 isotopes were delivered to the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Isotope vendor is Isotope - Regional Alliance, integrator of Rosatom State Corporation". Isotope Zr-96, made at the ECP Rosatom facilities, will be used for physical research, especially for neutrino properties research.

Yuri Oganessian: "We need to finish what we have started"
On 20 September, elections of the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences will be held, the governments have agreed on three candidates. Yuri Oganessian, the discoverer of several elements of Mendeleev's periodic system, Scientific Leader of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, shared his vision of the results of the work of the Russian Academy of Sciences over the past five years and its further prospects.

A proton medical accelerator is being developed at JINR
JINR Long-Term Development Strategic Plan up to 2030 provides for the establishment of an innovation centre for experimental and clinical research in the field of proton therapy. The pilot facility of the centre will be the MSC-230 proton medical accelerator, which is planned to be implemented already in 2024.

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