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The main materials of the issue (No 20 of 23.05.24):

FLNP and CSNS: there is a topic for cooperation
On 13-15 May, a workshop on neutron scattering technologies and interdisciplinary research was held in Dubna. The meeting was organized by FLNP JINR and CSNS of the Institute of High Energy Physics (China).

Vivid results and new projects
On 14 - 17 May, the 10th Session of the Scientific Council of the Division of Physical Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Heavy Ion Physics "Relativistic Nuclear Physics and Heavy Ion Physics" was held in Nizhny Novgorod, organized by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The representatives of RFNC-VNIIEF (Sarov), State Scientific Centre RIAR (Dimitrovgrad), FSUE "EKhP" (Lesnoy), NIIEFA (St. Petersburg), NCFM (Sarov), St. Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg) took part in the meeting.

There is energy enough for everything and this is just the beginning...
There is a saying: "Where you were born, you come in handy". And my fate is a clear confirmation of it. I was born in Dubna. And my whole life is tied up with our beautiful city: kindergarten, school, university and now, work... During my school years, I went to different clubs, attended a volleyball section, a school for conflict management, graduated from a music school with an accordion class and participated in organizing actions of the movement "Nashi", performed at school celebrations.

About the history of the reactor - clearly and in detail
This year, one of the most important anniversary events at JINR was the 40th anniversary of the IBR-2 fast neutron reactor start-up at the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics. The exhibition "40 years with IBR-2" that opened at the JINR Museum of History of Science and Technology is dedicated to this event.

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