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IN 2003

Theoretical physics (01)
Elementary particle physics (02)
Relativistic nuclear physics (03)
Heavy-ion physics (04)
Low- and intermediate-energy physics (05)
Nuclear physics with neutrons (06)
Condensed matter physics (07)
Radiation and radiobiological research (08)
Networking, computing, computational physics (09)
Educational programme (10)

Theoretical physics (01)

01-3-1047-2003/2007 Modern Mathematical PhysicsA.T. Filippov
A.P. Isaev
01-3-1028-99/2003 Fields and ParticlesD.I. Kazakov
O.V. Teryaev
01-3-1029-99/2003 Theory of Nuclei and Other Finite Systems V.V. Voronov
R.V. Jolos
01-3-1030-99/2003 Theory of Condensed MatterN.M. Plakida
V.B. Priezzhev

Elementary Particle Physics (02)

02-0-0907-91/2005 Physics Research with the DELPHI Detector at LEPA.G. Olshevski
02-2-1042-2002/2006 Study of Rare ProcessesA.S. Kurilin
02-2-1043-2002/2004 Lifetime Measurement of   pi + pi - Atoms to Test Low-Energy QCD PredictionsL.L. Nemenov
02-0-1007-94/2005 A T L A S General-purpose pp Experiment at CERN's Large Hadron Collider N.A. Russakovich
02-0-1022-97/2005 JINR's Participation in the Physics Research Programme at the Upgraded Fermilab Tevatron (Projects D O , CDF) G.D. Alexeev
J.A. Budagov
N. Giokaris
02-0-1018-96/2003 Particle Accelerator Physics and EngineeringI.N. Meshkov
G.D. Shirkov
02-2-1034-2000/2004 Hadron Production Studies for the Neutrino Factory and for the Atmospheric Neutrino Flux ( HARP, PS214)S.A. Bunyatov
G.A. Chelkov
02-2-1049-2003/2005 Astrophysical Studies on Space Satellite (TUS Experiment)L.G. Tkatchev
02-2-1050-2003/2004 Study of Meson Nuclear Charge Exchange  pi +n  Reactions on Different Nuclei (Project HYPERON-M)N.L. Russakovich
02-7-1016-96/2003 Charmed and Strange Quarks in Hadronic Reactions (OSCAR)V.D. Kekelidze
02-7-1009-95/2005 Experiments with the Solenoidal Tracker at the Collider of Relativistic Nuclei and Polarized Protons RHIC (Project STAR)R.Ya. Zulkarneev
02-7-1006-94/2005 CMS - Compact Muon Solenoid I.A. Golutvin
02-7-0985-92/2003 R & D of Elements for Colliders (Projects LHC, TESLA, CLIC)I.N. Ivanov
02-7-0984-92/2005 Construction and Investigation of Thin Wall Drift Chambers for the HERA-B Experiment and Further Development of Silicon Detectors for High-Energy Physics I.A. Golutvin
02-0-1025-98/2005 Study of the Hadron Structure in the Experiments with the COMPASS (NA58) and HERMES (DESY) SpectrometersI.A. Savin
02-7-1044-2002/2005 Search for Effects of Polarized Hidden Strangeness in Nucleons (Project NIS)A.G. Litvinenko
E.A. Strokovsky
02-7-1051-2003/2005 Particle Production in pp Interaction with High Multiplicity at 70 GeV (Project THERMALIZATION)V.A. Nikitin
P.E. Ermolov.
02-7-1045-2002/2004 Application of Nuclear Physics Methods for Identification of Complex Chemical Substances V.M. Bystritsky
M.G. Sapozhnikov
02-7-1032-99/2005 Development of Accelerators for Radiation TechnologiesG.V. Dolbilov
02-7-1017-96/2003 Proposal of a Real-Time Detector for Low-Energy Solar Neutrino (Project BOREXINO) O.A. Zaimidoroga

Relativistic Nuclear Physics (03)

03-1-0979-92/2005 Development of the Nuclotron Accelerator Complex A.D. Kovalenko
A.I. Malakhov
03-0-0941-91/2003 Search for Non-Nucleon Degrees of Freedom and Spin Effects in Few-Nucleon SystemsN.M. Piskunov
V.V. Glagolev
G. Martinska
03-1-0983-92/2004 Study of Multiple Production in  4pi -geometry and Construction of the SPHERE Spectrometer. First-Line Experiments at the Nuclotron A.I. Malakhov
03-1-1011-95/2005 Investigation of the Properties of Nuclear Matter in Experiments with Nuclei and Polarized Particles (Projects DISK, STAR, CERES/NA45) Yu.A. Panebratsev
03-1-1020-95/2005 High-Acceptance Toroidal Spectrometer HADES. R&D of New Particle Detectors Yu.V. Zanevsky
03-1-0001-2000/2005 ALICE: A Large Ion Collider Experiment at CERN's LHC (Project ALICE) A.S. Vodopianov
03-1-1010-99/2005 Investigation of Relativistic Multiparticle Interactions (Project MARUSYA) A.A. Baldin
03-1-0994-92/2005 Studies of the Threshold Production and Rare Decays of Light Mesons (Project WASA) B.A. Morozov
03-1-1033-2000/2005 Experiments "Leading Particles" (Scintillation Magnetic Spectrometer MSU) and SPINL.I. Sarycheva
A.I. Malakhov
M. Finger
03-1-0940-91/2003 Investigation of Secondary Particle Production and Neutron Yield from Heavy Targets in Nucleus-Nucleus Interactions. Studies of the Transmutation of Radioactive Wastes from Nuclear Power Installations V.M. Golovatyuk
03-0-1008-95/2005 Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of the Electronuclear Method of Energy Production and Radioactive Waste TransmutationA.N. Sissakian
I.V. Puzynin
S. Taczanowski
I.A. Shelaev

Heavy-Ion Physics (04)

04-0-0002-2000/2003 Development and Construction of an Accelerator Complex for Producing Radioactive Ion Beams (Project DRIBs) Yu.Ts. Oganessian
04-5-1004-94/2003 Synthesis of New Nuclei and Study of Nuclear Properties and Heavy-Ion Reaction MechanismsYu.Ts. Oganessian
04-5-1014-96/2003 Development of the FLNR Cyclotron Complex for Producing Intensive Beams of Accelerated Ions of Stable and Radioactive IsotopesG.G. Gulbekyan

Low- and Intermediate-Energy Physics (05)

05-2-1039-2001/2003 Investigation of Fundamental Interactions in Nuclei at Low Energies V.B. Brudanin
05-2-1040-2001/2003 Nucleus and Particle Interactions at Intermediate Energies V.I. Komarov
05-2-1038-2001/2003 Improvement and Development of the JINR Phasotron for Fundamental and Applied Research L.M. Onischenko

Nuclear Physics with Neutrons (06)

06-4-0993-94/2004 Construction of the IREN Facility (Project IREN)W.I. Furman
I.N. Meshkov
06-4-1036-2001/2004 Nuclear Physics with Neutrons - Fundamental and Applied InvestigationsW.I. Furman
V.N. Shvetsov

Condensed Matter Physics (07)

07-4-1031-99/2003 Neutron Investigations of the Structure and Dynamics of Condensed MatterV.L. Aksenov
A.M. Balagurov
07-4-0851-87/2007 Upgrade of the IBR-2 ComplexV.D. Ananiev
E.P. Shabalin
07-4-1012-96/2003 Development of the IBR-2 Spectrometer Complex and Information-Computation InfrastructureA.D. Belushkin
V.I. Prikhodko
07-5-1013-96/2003 Radiation Effects and Modification of Materials, Radioanalytical and Radioisotopic Investigations at the FLNR AcceleratorsS.N. Dmitriev
07-7-1046-2002/2003 Synchrotron Radiation Complex DELSY (Phase-1, FEL)I.N. Meshkov
G.D. Shirkov

Radiation and Radiobiological Research (08)

08-9-1015-96/2003 Radiation and Radiobiological Investigations at the JINR Basic Facilities and in the EnvironmentE.A. Krasavin
V.E. Aleinikov
08-2-1035-2001/2003 Further Development of Methods and Instrumentation for Radiotherapy and Associated Diagnostics with JINR Hadron BeamsG.V. Mitsin

Networking, computing, computational physics (09)

09-6-1048-2003/2007 Information, Computer and Network Support of the JINR's Activity V.V.Ivanov
V.V. Korenkov
09-6-1041-2002/2004 Computer Physics for Theoretical and Experimental ResearchI.V. Puzynin
A. Polanski
09-8-1037-2001/2005 Analytical and Methodological Work to Assess the Prospects of Scientific Research and Cooperation in the Main Directions of JINR's DevelopmentV.A. Senchenko

Educational programme (10)

00-0-1026-98/2003 Organization, Maintenance, and Development of the University-Type Educational Process at JINRA.N. Sissakian
S.P. Ivanova

All the themes in the Plan are listed by fields of research. Each theme is coded according to the JINR system of classification and contains the following information:
* 01 - Theoretical physics
  02 - Elementary particle physics
  03 - Relativistic nuclear physics
  04 - Heavy-ion physics
  05 - Low- and intermediate-energy physics
  06 - Nuclear physics with neutrons
  07 - Condensed matter physics
  08 - Radiobiological research
  09 - Networking, computing,
computational physics
  10 - Educational programme
** 0 - All-Institute topics
  1 - Laboratory of High Energies (LHE)
  2 - Dzhelepov Laboratory
of Nuclear Problems (DLNP)
  3 - Bogoliubov Laboratory
of Theoretical Physics (BLTP)
  4 - Frank Laboratory
of Neutron Physics (FLNP)
  5 - Flerov Laboratory
of Nuclear Reactions (FLNR)
  6 - Laboratory of Information
Technologies (LIT)
  7 - Laboratory of Particle Physics (LPP)
  8 - Scientific Organizing Department (SOD)
  9 - Division of Radiation
and Radiobiological Research (DRRR)

Prepared by
N. Boklagova
L. Ivanova

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