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Status: In-progress

Development of Experimental Facilities for Condensed Matter Investigations with Beams of the IBR-2 Facility

Leaders:     S.A. Kulikov
V.I. Prikhodko
V.I. Bodnarchuk

Participating countries and international organizations:
Argentine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Republic of Korea, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan.

Issues addressed and main goals of research:
Development and construction of a control system of the cryogenic moderator CM-201 for IBR-2 reactor beams N 1, 4, 5, 6, 9.
Design of equipment, electronics and software for the complex of IBR-2 facility spectrometers.
Development of the FLNP information and computing infrastructure according to the needs of the Laboratory
and the development strategy of the JINR computer network.

Expected major results in the current year:
  • Putting of a control system of CM-201 moderator for beamlines N 1, 4, 6-9 into trial operation; testing and adjustment of the system during reactor operation at a power of 2 MW. Carrying out of test loading of CM-201 moderator chamber with frozen mesitylene pellets during reactor power operation. Tests of an optical sensor used to control the movement of pellets and count them during their transportation to the moderator chamber at a special test stand of CM-201. Current modernization and maintenance of CM-202. Determination of release of radiolytic hydrogen in CM-202 moderator chamber using chromatographic equipment during reactor power operation.

  • Investigation of radiation resistance of materials at the radiation research facility. Development of a system for moving highly active samples using a robotic manipulator.

  • Optimization of parameters of spectrometer components by Monte Carlo simulation.

  • Assembling of a horizontal/vertical cryostat with a superconducting magnet and variable temperature range of 4-300 K; start-up of the cryostat in the cooling mode of the magnet in a heat-exchange gas; carrying out of preparatory work for the installation of the cryostat at the DN-12 diffractometer. Development of continuous-flow cryostats based on closed-cycle cryocoolers. Start-up and study of a 3He- 4He mini-liquefier. Development and modernization of cryostats, cryogenic and vacuum equipment of IBR-2 facility spectrometers.

  • Carrying out of work within the project to develop and construct a wide-aperture backscattering detector for the HRFD diffractometer: purchase of equipment and consumables; manufacturing of a supporting frame, components of detector sections, and tool kit for mounting detector components; development of a prototype of data acquisition and accumulation electronics. Testing and commissioning of "ASTRA-M" detector on the Fourier diffractometer FSD. Completion of development and study of scintillation hodoscope.

  • Replacement of counter modules of the detector system of the NERA-PR spectrometer. Manufacture, testing and commissioning of 2D PSD on the HRFD diffractometer. Purchase of components (tubes and electronics for signal acquisition and registration), assembling and measurement of characteristics of 1D PSD based on tubes with a resistive wire. Study of the possibility of applying additive technologies (3D printing) for manufacturing components of neutron detectors. Design and manufacturing of a new winding machine. Development of a prototype of a solid-converter-based neutron detector.

  • Investigation and development of a prototype of analog electronics for processing signals from one module of a wide-aperture scintillation detector under the BSD project and completion of the development of an MPD32 USB 3.0 data acquisition system for this detector. Development of event selection algorithms for scintillation detectors and their debugging at a test stand with a new MPD32 data acquisition system. Adaptation of MPD32-USB3.0 data acquisition system for other types of detectors.

  • Modernization of control systems of actuators of HRFD and FSD spectrometers. Installation of diaphragms for collimation of neutron beams in the spectrometers. Installation, adjustment and putting into trial operation of -3U chopper controllers as a part of a control system for choppers on GRAINS and REFLEX spectrometers. Development of control systems of two-disk choppers for IBR-2 reactor beamline 10.

  • Improvement of Sonix+ complex, development of software modules for new devices and new DAQ-controllers. Adaptation of the Journal program for working with experimental data in the central FLNP data storage. Provision of access to the data storage for users working on REMUR, REFLEX and GRAINS reflectometers. Preparation for a changeover to 100-Gb/s standard in the FLNP network (gradual replacement of routers, cables, transceivers, etc.).
List of projects:
  Project Leader Priority
(period of realisation)
1. Development of PTH sample
environment system for the DN-12
diffractometer at the IBR-2 facility
A.N. Chernikov 1   (2015-2020)
2. BSD V.V. Kruglov 1   (2018-2020)

List of Activities
  Activity or Experiment Leaders
  Laboratory or other
Division of JINR
Main researchers
1. Development and putting into
operation of control system of
CM-201 moderator for neutron
beams N 1, 4, 5, 6, 9
S.A. Kulikov
E.P. Shabalin
  FLNP M.V. Bulavin + 5 engineers, A.S. Kirilov + 1 engineer, A.P. Sirotin + 2 engineers, K.A. Mukhin
2. Calculations and simulation
of spectrometers elements.
Development of VITESS
software package
A.V. Belushkin
V.I. Bodnarchuk
  FLNP S.A. Kulikov, S.A. Manoshin + 1 engineer
3. Investigation of radiation
resistance of materials and
electronic components
M.V. Bulavin
S.A. Kulikov
  FLNP E.P. Shabalin + 4 engineers
4. Tests of combined
cryostat with superconducting
magnet for DN-12 diffractometer.
Development and modernization of
cryostats on IBR-2 facility
A.N. Chernikov
S.E. Kichanov
  FLNP N.A. Kovalenko, E.V. Lukin + 2 engineers
5. Development of continuous flow
cryostats on the basis of
closed-cycle cryocoolers
A.N. Chernikov
  FLNP N.A. Kovalenko + 2 engineers
6. Development and implementation
of gas and scintillation detector
systems at IBR-2 facility
A.V. Churakov
V.V. Kruglov
A.A. Bogdzel
  FLNP V.A. Drozdov +3 engineers, V.M. Milkov + 3 engineers, V.V. Zhuravlev + 3 engineers, A.S. Kirilov + 1 engineer
7. Development of data acquisition
systems, control and experiment
automation systems, as well as of
software package Sonix+ at IBR-2
facility spectrometers
V.I. Prikhodko
A.P. Sirotin
A.S. Kirilov
  FLNP A.A. Bogdzel + 4 engineers, V.I. Bodnarchuk, S.M. Murashkevich + 2 engineers, V.V. Zhuravlev + 3 engineers, N.D. Zernin + 1 engineer
8. Development of FLNP network
infrastructure in accordance with
development strategy of JINR
computer network
V.I. Prikhodko
  FLNP G.A. Sukhomlinov + 2 engineers, A.S. Kirilov
+ 2engineers, S.A. Manoshin + 1 engineer
  LIT V.V. Korenkov + 2 engineers

Country or International
City Institute or Laboratory
Argentina Bariloche CAB CNEA
Belarus Minsk BSTU
Bulgaria Sofia INRNE BAS
Czech Republic ez NPI CAS
Germany Berlin HZB
Julich FZJ
Hungary Budapest Wigner RCP
Republic of Korea Daejeon NFRI
Romania Bucharest INCDIE ICPE-CA
Russia Moscow NNRU "MEPhI"
Moscow, Troitsk INR RAS
Dubna Dubna State Univ.
Gatchina NRC KI PNPI
Yekaterinburg IMP UB RAS
South Africa Pretoria Necsa
Sweden Lund ESS ERIC
Switzerland Villigen PSI
Ukraine Lviv LPNU
United Kingdom Didcot RAL
Uzbekistan Tashkent INR AS RUz

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